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Every now and then I’m asked what blogs I follow myself or that do I have some specific favorites. Of course I do follow and read a lot of other blogs (which thanks to tumblr is pretty easy nowadays), so I decided to pick out a list I wrote a while ago for other purposes and then updated it a bit. The blogs mentioned are not listed in any particular order based on who I may value the most or whatever, some blogs I follow a bit more and some little less frequently. I also may have forgot some from the list.

However I respect and appreciate everyone who keeps posting and so gives me (and everyone else) new inspiration every day.

I tried to categorize the blogs so that;

1) blogs that are more “personal”;

2) blogs that work mainly just as an inspiration board;

3) blogs with more information and data;

4) blogs from Nordic countries;

5) blogs of streetstyle photos;

6) blogs concentrated on shoes;

7) blogs concentrated more on “streetwear”;

8) blogs that are managed by shops / brands / manufacturers

"Personal" blogs

Inspiration boards

Informational blogs

Made by hand / tuttofattoamano

Nordic countries

Välklätt med Weinås




Shops / manufacturers

I hope these will keep you busy for a while and you’d still keep following me and the other blog I run at Editors’ Notes

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