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Anonymous asked:
Hey there! First of all great blog! Always a pleasure 2 read it. With one of your recent posts I came to learn 2 new online shops: malagridabbigliamento & itatelieronweb. They sell great stuff (Boglioli in size 44 and for a good price!) I was wondering if was missing out on some other great online shops? I use e.g. fashionis, threedifferent, yoox, massaboutique, farfetch. Are there any other online stores (maybe even outlets) that sell boglioli, lardini etc. in small sizes and good prices? Thx!

Hey man,

Thanks for the kind words, always a pleasure to hear!

Not sure if I’m wise to tell but here are some shops (of this kind) I do check more or less frequently.


Mazzoli Srl



Rione Fontana


Malagrida Abbigliamento

Gruppo Fella

Al duca d’aosta (shirts only)

In case you’re looking some more tips, check out this blog and ask away. I bet he can give you names I haven’t even heard of…



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