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I just recently got the following question "Can you make a casual jeans and jacket outfit that is under $100? I’m working 3 jobs right now and it’s all going to college but I can afford maybe $100 to spend on myself every other month" So let’s take a look…

At first I gotta say that 100$ / every other month to spend on clothing is probably more than many people can (or are willing to) afford. The second thing is that whereas basic stuff such as shirts, jeans, trousers and so on can be found even pretty easily with a lower budget (but still keeping the quality quite alright) the hardest part is when it comes to shoes and sports coats. Especially in terms of shoes I’d probably say that you save some money for a couple of months and then go for some decent pair that are as versatile as possible. I’d suggest that for starters you go for a pair of classic canvas sneakers such as Supergas, Chuck Taylors, Vans or the like (which you can find for around 60$)  and as said save some money for the upcoming purchases. In the low price categories Meermin is probably the option at the moment you should be looking for. And as you are looking something for those more casual outfits, my suggestion would be maybe some of the loafers (with or without the tassels) or maybe even a suede chelsea boot such as this one which would be versatile and wearable almost through the year. There are some others as well and of you can of course keep an eye on for good deals that every once in a while come up such as some Santoni shoes here at the moment.

In terms of sport coats it’s even harder. Usually in garments you get what you pay for and sport coats are a good example of this. Usually in the low price category you have to be willing to give up either on the materials, construction or the fit. And whatever you decide, don’t give up on the fit cause that’s the most important thing you have to take care of. But here I’d say you can take a look of this post and save those webshops to your bookmarks and go them through every once in a while and be able to make some good finds. 

My advice is that don’t rush but also buy nothing just because it’s cheap or on sale. And in the first place invest your money on some more “classic” stuff (such as white and light blue button-ups, navy blue blazers, white t-shirts, basic navy or light blue denim and chino trousers in beige or olive green) which will give you good foundation to build up the wardrobe.

One option, in case you are not afraid of used garments and second hand clothing is thrifting. If you living in the US there are some great possibilities to find quality clothing on cheap prices (depending where you are living of course). I suggest you take a look of brokeandbespoke by Jason to see what kind of things can really be found (sometimes you wouldn’t believe) and what are the things you need to pay attention when thrifting. Another blog to keep an eye on is definitely This Fits by Aliotsy. He usually have some really good tips on sales, especially including the US webshops. These guys can probably also tell you more about brands that are available especially in the US such as Lands’ End which often has good sales and could be a place to search for example a sport coat on the lower price range but which I unfortunately don’t know much about (the fit, quality and so on).

And finally there’s one shop you can basically get all the basic stuff you need (and which I go for to get stuff as sweaters, socks, polo shirts etc), Uniqlo.

I guess you already have some kind of a base to start from but to strictly answer your question here’s one collage that is totally from Uniqlo (except the shoes) and which is actually a look that is classic, easy, works and could be put together as well with the garments that costs like 100$ all together. Just added there some options so that you can basically build two or three different outfits of that.


Linen / Cotton patch pocket jacket (on sale) 49,90$

Men Slim fit straight jeans 49,95$

Merino wool cardigan (different than in the picture), 39,90$

Oxford shirt 19,90$

Uniqlo x Michael Bastian polo shirt, 19,90$

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