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Weekend in Copenhagen - How to pack light for a weekend trip?

I turned 31 in April. As a birthday gift from my girlfriend I got a weekend trip to Copenhagen. We spent there two days and I thought I might share here briefly my thoughts about how to pack light for a weekend trip like this.

From the pics on the post you can see the highlights of our trip. And of course what I wore for those two days. One thing to mention about the pics is that they are all this time taken by phone, not the camera I usually use.

How to pack light for weekend trip - cotton suit is a versatile and easy option.

What a man should pack for a short weekend trip?

The answer to the question of course depends on the facts what you are going to do during the weekend. Our thoughts was just stroll around and enjoy good food and drinks. Another thing is that what to pack for a trip like this of course depends on your personal style. If you like, you can easily manage two days basically with one pair of jeans, sneakers, couple of t-shirts and some knitwear. And you would also need a jacket. But I took with me:

  • Two suits (camel colored cotton suit and light blue wool-silk-mohair suit – both with patch pockets)
  • Three button-up shirts (2 white and one denim shirt)
  • Two pairs of shoes (loafers and sneakers)
  • Two ties (navy blue grenadine and brown shantung silk) and three pocket squares
  • Roll-neck sweater and a t-shirt

We traveled with carry-on luggage only. So basically for the flight and for the first day I wore my other suit jacket with trousers from the other suit, a white shirt, a tie and suede tassel loafers.

Strive for versatility and lightness

Whenever I travel, I tend to wear suits that are easy to wear as separates. This gives more versatility and more variations to choose from. In general with the list above I had four different outfits to wear during our trip. And also some back-ups in case I would have ruined some of my clothes in some way. Another thing that I try to keep in mind is to pack and travel with lightweight garments.

The colorful buildings of Copenhagen.

We stayed at a hotel called SP34. Definitely worth of recommendation.

Art at the hotel.

Light blue suit jacket with button-down shirt and DLA brown shantung tie.

Herno Laminar jacket with cotton suit trousers and suede loafers – easy combination for strolling around the city.

One of the highlights was the visit at the Botanical Garden of Copenhagen.

Shades of brown and blue – always easy to match.

Perfect vegan brunch @ simpleRAW.

Outtake from the brunch.

Two days - four outfits

When packing, I needed an outfit for two days in the city and one for a dinner. I don't often wear a tie for casual weekends but this time I wanted to do so. So I opted for the DLA brown shantung tie, which is dressed-up as tie always is, but casual and relaxed at the same time.

On the evening of our first day we headed for a dinner to a restaurant called BROR. If you happen to visit Copenhagen, I strongly recommend this place. Although the restaurant scene in the city is very strong and there are multiple recommendable places to eat at. We chose this and luckily we noticed that it was located only about 400 meters from our hotel. The BROR is kind of casual but still chic and the food as well as the service was perfectly on point. We ate a 6 course tasting menu and I give my seal of approval for all of those.

Day 1 - dinner attire

For the evening I changed my cotton suit trousers for the trousers of my other suit. So I wanted to wear a full suit for the dinner, even though the place was in general quite casual. But as you can see, the suit I wore is not very formal either. Light blue color, three patch pockets and softly tailored construction. I combined the suit with the soft collar DLA oxford shirt, DLA navy grenadine tie and white linen pocket square. And I kept the loafers. This is something I would call a perfect casual chic dinner attire.

Light blue suit for dinner.

Champagne at the hotel.

In the best company at BROR.

Shades of blue – wool-silk-linen suit with grenadine silk.

Shades of blue from another angle.

D’angleterre Copenhagen.

Day 2 - strolling in the city and traveling

For the second day of our trip I wore the cotton suit that I have featured here multiple times. For summer wear it is my absolute favorite. It is easy to wear for trips like this as well as even though it is a suit, it still rather casual. You have also seen this combination on me for many times. The cotton suit combined with the DLA denim shirt. But the reason is that the camel colored cotton and the washed denim fabric are a perfect pair. The weight of the fabrics as well as the textures are in balance without a doubt. And if you decide to combine your suit with sneakers as I have done here, I suggest - don't wear a tie.

And as you can see from the first pic of the collage below, the suit trousers a perfect match for casual navy blue roll neck sweater that I wore for the breakfast.

Cotton suit trousers with navy roll neck sweater – matching to the background at our hotel.

Books at the concept 4 store in Copenhagen

Cereal Magazine – read it or use for decoration.

Mismo passport cover – one of my go-to travel accessories.

Rooftops of Copenhagen

Selection of CdG parfumes we came by during strolling around the city.

Herno laminar overcoat - ultimate travel jacket

Before we headed to this trip I made a new purchase, the Herno laminar overcoat. I will write more about the coat later but I had been looking for a classic and simple rain mac for quite a while. As I finally tried this one at Sauma, I decided to pull the trigger. And I must say this is for sure one of the most versatile overcoats I have. I have worn it to work with my suits but I can easily pair it with denim and casual knitwear as well. It also a perfect piece for traveling as it is weather (water) proof and if you don't need to wear it, you can just squeeze it to your bag. And it weight basically nothing. I dare to say that it is an ultimate travel jacket.

On the second day – pit stop.

Camel colored cotton with denim – works every time

The iconic Superga sneakers – perfect for strolling around and works with the casual cotton suit.

First ice-cream of the summer.

Cotton suit with sneakers and denim shirt.

Drake’s scarf with Herno rain mac.

Sum up - 5 tips on how to pack light for a weekend trip

Finally as a sum-up just a short list of five tips what I recommend to keep in mind when you pack for a short weekend getaway.
  • If you need a suit, choose one that is easy to wear as separates and easy to dress up or down. Navy blue or brown lightweight wool or cotton is a great option here.
  • Pack at least one button-up shirt for each day of your trip.
  • Choose accessories that are versatile to combine. In terms of ties, go for plain colors.
  • Take at least two pairs of shoes. And make sure you have broken the shoes in. Classic sneakers are always a good choice.
  • Invest in quality travel luggage / baggage and telescopic umbrella


The photos are taken by Huawei P10. Last year I collaborated with Huawei and they gave me of their "flagship" models, the P9 to try and use. This spring I updated to the new P10 version. One of the best features of the phone is the camera which they have developed in collaboration with Leica. For this trip I decided to leave my camera home and use only the phone for documenting the weekend. For what I know, I think that for this kind of purpose the P10 does a good job. But I leave it up to you to decide what you think.

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