Style on budget – Inspiration for fall season

Posted by Atte Rytkönen on 15.8.2016 in General

Fall season is here. People are back at work and school year is about to get started. Therefore I am starting the week with some inspirational collages. In this post you will find three different sets inspired by the upcoming fall selections.

The key idea behind the collages here is how to build an outfit with a lower budget. The most expensive individual item featured in the collages is the suit from Suitsupply. The price for that is 379 euros. And if you exclude the possible bags, watches and glasses, the sets are gathered in a way that the combined cost is maximum 900 euros.

But still remember, buy less – buy better. Never buy anything just because it happens to be on sale. And before every purchase try to think how can you combine the item you are about to buy with the garments you already have.



Fall inspiration for student blue suit
Total cost for the look 900 euros (Oppermann London briefcase excluded).


Suit – invest in versatility

One of my personal advice is this: In case you only have one suit in your wardrobe you should make sure that a) it fits, b) its dark in color (preferably blue or grey) and c) in terms of pattern and details its timeless in style. Therefore whenever I make a list of recommendations or essentials, there is a navy blue suit on the list. The plain blue suit by Suitsupply is lightweight and suitable to wear as separates as well.

The classic, simple rain mac looks good and is appropriate with dressy or casual styles. The selected version by Uniqlo comes in three different colors and features a detachable padded liner. This makes it suitable even for those little colder autumn days.

If you don’t want to have wide range of accessories, invest in pieces you can wear in different ways. The navy blue grenadine tie will keep you covered for a long time. Combine it with a simple white pocket square with contrast borders.

In my opinion double monk shoes are one the best option for a student looking for versatile pair of footwear. You can wear them with a suit, with your flannel or cotton slacks and even with jeans. They are even appropriate for all other than the most formal parties and occasions. The pair by Swedish Skolyx offers great value for the money.


Fall inspiration for student sport coat and layering
Total cost for the look 780 euros (iPad cover excluded).

Sport coat and layering

Fall is the season for layering. And sport coat with flannel slacks is a classic combination for the season. With a cardigan you can dress down the ensemble. Or if you want to go even more casual, drop the tie and sport coat and just wear the button-down shirt with the cardigan and slacks.

If you are looking a suit or a sport coat with a good price-quality-ratio, Suitsupply can’t be ignored. This checked sport coat is suitable to wear to with the flannel slacks but you can also pair it with denim, corduroy or heavier cotton fabrics.

Lean Garments is a young Finnish brand offering decent quality shirts with very fair price. If you are looking for some simple basics to add to your wardrobe, check them out. And LG  is actually having a final sale at the moment. After that they will close their store for a moment and build a relaunch. So I suggest you take advantage of the situation now.

For footwear I would suggest chukka boots. This boot is one of the most versatile shoe types there is for men. A simple shoe that is easily adaptable for different styles and occasions. The brown suede chukka boot by Meermin is again an option that you can pair with outfits ranging from suits to casual denim and t-shirt combinations.


Fall inspiration for student scandinavian minimalism

460 euros (excluding the watch and glasses)

Bomber jacket – trends and minimalism

I know everyone of you does not want to wear a suit or a sport coat on daily basis. I don’t really do that myself either. So the third look is full casual.

One thing that is good to keep in mind that especially with items like jeans and knitwear you can make great finds on a budget. The total cost of this set for example without the glasses would be around 650 euros. And if you take away the Common Projects sneakersSeiko watch and Epperson Mountaineering tote bag, you will get away under 200 euros.

It seems that bomber jacket are really trending at the moment. I personally haven’t found an option for myself but I guess I could give it a try. If you want to try but don’t want to spend fortune on the jacket, Uniqlo will get you started here.

In terms of denim I highly recommend Weekday. I have multiple pairs from them and the Friday fit is perfectly balanced. It features medium high waist with a slim tapered leg and there are multiple different colors and washes to choose from.

And finally two of my personal favorite items, white t-shirt and roll neck sweater. Especially with knitwear I suggest to keep an eye on Yoox. The selection features multiple brands and if you look for timeless and simple designs you can find pieces from previous seasons for a bargain price.

Sum up – same parts, different combinations

Remember that once again, versatility is the key. The sets here are not carved into stone. By changing the pieces you build multiple different kind of combinations to pull off. For example, take the suit jacket from the first kit and combine it with the roll neck sweater, gray flannel trousers and suede chukka boots. Or take the jeans and pair them with the white t-shirt, checked sport coat and double monks. Same parts but different combinations for different occasions.