Cotton suit with denim shirt – fall edition

Posted by Atte Rytkönen on 11.8.2016 in General

Cotton as a material is not only an option for spring and summer seasons. For example a cotton suit with denim shirt or oxford cotton shirt and right accessories is totally appropriate choice for fall as well. In terms of materials, try to pair your soft cotton fabric and denim with shantung silk.

I have written about wearing the cotton suit earlier. And even though cotton suit is more suitable for summer, you can also use it during the colder months of the year. Today I give you a little more picture-oriented post to showcase how to create a casual but smart attire for the upcoming season.

How to combine cotton suit with denim shirt - shades of brown and blue
Sample of upcoming DLA denim shirt and our brown shantung tie with camel colored cotton suit.

Cotton suit with denim shirt

If you want as versatile cotton suit for fall as possible I would recommend to go for dark blue color. But instead of blue I am wearing here my camel colored piece. And even though it is a fact that you really can’t wear a suit like this in Finnish winter, there is still lot of days left to wear it before I need to put it back to storage.

In terms of color, I really like the combination of tan-colored cotton and blue denim. I think they complement each other perfectly. There is enough but not too much contrast. Probably therefore the denim shirt is in addition to white lightweight oxford my favorite choice to wear with this suit.

Unstructured cotton suit with blue denim shirt and brown shantung tie
Heavier cotton can actually be a really nice choice for fall. Not as wintry as flannel but not as summery as linen.

Do you know that there is a rule that your shirt should always be lighter in color than your jacket? And that your tie should always be darker than your shirt. My advice is, if you decide to break these rules, don’t break them both at once. But it is alright to wear a denim shirt with a suit jacket that is lighter in color. In that case make sure that the weight and texture of fabrics are in balance.

Denim shirt with shantung tie and cotton suit
Cotton suit with denim shirt – wear the combination with a tie for work and without for after work.

Accessories – brown for town

Finally a couple of thoughts about the accessories here. First of all, I think that the darker the color of accessories you combine your suit with, the formal is the ensemble you come up with. Secondly, for the fall season I personally prefer ties and pocket squares with darker shades. These two points makes the dark brown shantung tie a perfect option for this ensemble. The texture and look of the shantung fabric is also nicely balanced with the weight and texture of chose cotton and denim.

And remember that you don’t always need to have a bright pocket square that is bouncing eyes. A simple plain piece is enough. But that does not mean that the pocket square you choose should be totally plain though. Instead invest in pocket squares that are versatile. Here I am wearing the Defense of Sampo pocket square but so that only the borders of the squares are visible. I deciced to wear it this way because the attire here does not really need any other strongly contrasting elements in addition to the blue of the denim shirt and brown of that shantung tie.

Details - camel colored cotton suit with soft collar denim shirt and brown shantung tie
Three different tones of brown in one outfit. All in balance with each other. Instead of patterns play with the textures.
Details - Cotton suit trousers with denim shirt and shantung tie
When you buy a new shirt, make sure that you can also sit with it. And do it so that the shirt does not pull from anywhere.