Matching dark gray tie with business suit

Posted by Atte Rytkönen on 13.3.2016 in General

Do you have a business meeting but you don’t want to go for a totally formal attire? Or are you looking for an appropriate tie for business purposes? Go for shades of gray and play with textures. Take a suit featuring restrained pattern and combine it with a cashmere or wool tie in dark gray. Finish the look with brown calf leather shoes and subtle pocket square.

Dark gray tie with business suit - cashmere tie with lightweight wool suit
Wearing one of my favorite suits – lightweight wool with subtle overcheck.

Dark gray tie for business wear – try cashmere

Finding right answers to questions like “how to combine accessories with the rest of your outfit? is pointedly a mine field where only good taste can guide you. Thought there are some simple rules and principles that will help you to succeed. First of all if you want to wear a plain tie choose a material that has some kind of a texture. Cashmere, wool, raw silk or linen for example are good options. But leave smooth silk ties for ties that feature at least some kind of a pattern. Secondly, always remember to maintain balance between textures you are wearing. If you are wearing a tie made of cashmere it is best to choose a pocket square that’s made of lightweight wool as well. Another good option is pocket square made of a mixture cloth of wool or cotton and silk.

In terms of ties cashmere in addition to wool is probably my favorite option for fall and winter seasons. And when it is dark outside is also appropriate to wear accessories with darker shades. Soon it is time to change cashmere for cloths such as lightweight wools and linen and go for lighter shades as well. But at least here in Helsinki it is still appropriate to wear darker shades and cashmere. At least for a while.

dark gray tie with business suit - grey cashmere tie with Sauma made-to-measure suit
Finalize your outfit with a watch that is compatible with your outfit.
Dark gray tie with business suit - how to fold a pocket square
And check that your pocket square is folded properly.

Dark gray tie with business suit – a safe choice to wear at the office

One of my basic guidelines in terms of dressing up is to dress according the situation. And dress according the environment. Living up to this kind of rules is easier if you make your wardrobe as versatile as possible. Efficient way to make that is to acquire garments that are easily combined with each other.

This outfit pictured here represents pretty much my basic office attire. An outfit like this can basically be worn for any meeting or occasion I need to attend at my work. In general the outfit consists of a gray suit, light blue button-up shirt, brown shoes and dark gray tie. In this case the tie is the piece that really makes the outfit to be suitable for almost any business meeting. But at the same time the tie is the piece that differs the outfit of many others. It is subtle and restrained when you look from a distance. But when you come closer you can see the different shades and textures.

As a sum-up – as always – I suggest to pay attention to those little things. Quality, versatility and simplicity.

Dark gray tie with business suit - balancing the shades of gray with some brown and blue.
Are you looking for a tie for business purposes? Try shades of gray.
Dark gray tie with business suit - textures of gray cashmere tie
Play with the textures. And make sure they are in balance.
Dark gray tie with business suit - tie your tie with double four-in-hand knot
Double four-in-hand knot work perfectly with lightweight wool and cashmere ties.