Loro Piana spring and summer 2016

Posted by Atte Rytkönen on 3.6.2016 in General

Italian Loro Piana was launch in 1924. Since that the brand has been synonymous with quality craftsmanship and simple elegance. Loro Piana look books and collections have for a long time been one of the few I look forward to see every season. Today taking a glimpse of Loro Piana spring and summer 2016 selection. 

Loro Piana is in fact one those brands every guy who has ever heard something about menswear knows. If they don’t know their own garments, they know them as a fabric maker. According to Sergio and Pierluigi Loro Piana, the brand has built its reputation over decades of searching for the best raw materials and on the refusal to compromise on quality in all aspects. This statement seems to be still valid.


Loro Piana spring and summer 2016 brown double-breasted suit
Double-breasted brown linen suit with denim shirt and loafers. This could be a perfect summer kit.
Loro Piana spring and summer 2016 double-breasted linen suit with denim shirt
Brown and blue always works together.

Loro Piana spring and summer 2016

For spring and summer 2016 the collection shows again full range of lightweight garments combining casual and “cosy” gear together with classic elements and style.

As usual the look book featuring “pencil sketches” underlines the ease, elegance and form of Italian style. It combines the worlds of being dressed-up but and casual. I have said earlier that in terms of style and aesthetics Loro Piana represents a kind of “Italian minimalism”. There are no sriking elements or “sprezzatura”. Just simple combinations, restrained shades and earthy colors. These are combined with high quality materials. Softly tailored garments are smoothly combined together.

However I need to say that I wasn’t as impressed by the look book this time. There have been better selections before. In my opinion the strength of Loro Piana is particularly on the earthy color choices and simple combinations. For me the aggressive use of red leather gloves or sweaters and yellow polo shirts just doesn’t make it. I can’t help it but I like more about the classic Italian minimalism.

I have picked here the best combinations and pieces in my opinion. The whole look book can be found from here.


Loro Piana spring and summer 2016 blue overcoat
Simple yet elegant. A lightweight scarf can be a nice addition to your summer looks.
Loro Piana spring and summer 2016 bags
Bags for casual weekend trips.
Loro Piana spring and summer 2016 blue and gray blazers
White shirt and blazer in blue or gray. What else do you need?
Loro Piana spring and summer 2016 blue overcoat and knitwear
Lightweight raincoats for those colder days of summer.
Loro Piana spring and summer 2016 shorts with blouson
Casual and sporty but still classic.
Loro Piana spring and summer 2016 sport vest
Simple summer colors – white and blue.
Loro Piana SS16 sports wear
Ready for trainings.