M59 field jacket – vintage & weekend casual

Posted by Atte Rytkönen on 21.3.2016 in General

Field jacket, roll neck sweater and denim jeans. In terms of casual style this is one of my favorite and most widely used combinations. Most of times this attire includes the classic M65 field jacket. But today I am taking a look at something else. A while ago I found from a second hand store a vintage M59 field jacket by Swedish Army. And it happened to be right my size. So I decided to invest 7 euros to that jacket and see if I could pull it off.

M59 field jacket with roll neck sweater

M59 field jacket by Swedish Army

First a few words about the jacket featured here. The coat is a vintage piece that was originally made for the Swedish army. The model is called M59 field jacket. The jacket has no lining and is very lightweight in terms of construction. One of those little and noteworthy details is the way the sleeves of the jacket are attached. Especially pay attention to the seams and details of the shoulder. In a way they look like softly tailored Neapolitan jacket shoulders. This little details highlights the casual character of the jacket. And in a way it mix Scandic military and Italian aesthetics.

The jacket is closed with buttons featuring three crowns which is the logo of Swedish army. Two lowest button are done so that they can be buttoned from the inside. So if you close them these buttons are not visible. The jacket buttons are original but as they are plastic and pale gray I will probably change them to buttons with higher quality and other color. Probably I will go with dark brown or blue that will better match the color of the jacket. In terms of pockets there are two snap pockets in front. In addition the jacket has two buttoned pockets on the back. This detail was actually on the of the reasons I finally ended up buying the jacket.

M59 field jacket - military green, light beige and blue M59 field jacket - back pockets

Field jacket with denim – casual weekend wear

Field jacket with denim jeans and roll neck sweater is something I tend to wear quite often. Actually I think this is one of the best outfits a man can wear for a casual weekend day. One of the best features is that it is in fact casual. But it is also very easily editable. For example here I was wearing a navy blue wool blazer underneath the m59 field jacket. By just undressing my jacket I would be ready for a lunch or dinner. Or even to attend occasions with “smart casual” dress code.

Sometimes one can make very good and reasonable finds from second hand stores. You just need keep your eyes open. And be patient. And if you are looking for old military garments, there are multiple shops for that online. For example this jacket can be found for under 10 euros from many different web shops. But it is good to keep in mind that there are also risks. First of all measurements of garments can vary widely. Secondly the smell of the jacket that has been used and kept in stock for years can sometimes be very unpleasant. But sometimes you get lucky. Like I did with this particular jacket.

M59 field jacket - How to wear it with denim and sneakers
M59 field jacket, Finealta denim, Mismo tote bag and Superga sneakers.
M59 field jacket - details and textures
Textures and details.
M59 field jacket - accessories by DressLikeA
DLA x Arte bracelet with some other old leather bracelets.