Pitti Uomo 91 – DLA report from Florence

Posted by Atte Rytkönen on 9.1.2017 in General

It’s again that time of the year. Time to pack the bags and head to Florence for Pitti Uomo. This time for Pitti Uomo 91. The fair will show the upcoming collections for fall and winter 2017. But it will naturally feature much more. People, streetstyle, good food, drinks, beautiful streets of  Florence and passion.

Through this post you can follow our coverage from Pitti Uomo 91 and Florence. I will try to keep you updated with some sneak peeks, streetstyle shots and collection previews. You will find the links to other articles in the end of this post.


Pitti Uomo 91 preview - Second day of Pitti Uomo 89 with windowpane suit by Vaatturiliike Sauma
Time for Pitti Uomo 91.

Pitti Uomo in a nutshell – and preview to the week

First a few words for those of you who don’t know what the Pitti Uomo is. What does it mean? In terms of classic and also more contemporary men’s clothing collections Pitti Uomo is the world’s most important platform to be present. The fair was Created in 1972 and is held in Florence twice a year. It gathers together thousands and thousands of people working in the industry one way or another. For many it is full work and for many it’s more fun and vacation. Brands come there to show their new collections. Buyers come to see what they like. Finally journalists and bloggers come to record and share all they see. In January 2016 Pitti Uomo hosted officially 1219 different brands, 36 000 visitors and 24 800 buyers.

So Pitti Uomo is the world’s leading men’s clothing trade show. And on Tuesday it will be time to start Pitti Uomo 91. Four days the Fortezza da Basso in Florence will be all about menswear. During the last 10 years Pitti Uomo has also been an increasingly popular destination for bloggers, journalist and other menswear afficionados who love clothes. For me personally this is the 10th fair.

Pitti Uomo 91 - details and fabrics
At the fair going taking a look of pocket square fabrics.


Preview – What I wore at Pitti Uomo 89

Most of you have probably seen these already but as a short preview I wanted to pick a few shots of what I wore for Pitti Uomo last January. I skipped the summer fair as I thought these would better set you in the mood for the upcoming week.

Pitti Uomo 91 preview - DLA team at the main entrance of Fortezza da Basso
Me and Mika at front of Fortezza da Bazzo on the first day day of the fair.

In terms of my outfits for the upcoming week, this season will not make an exception. Basically I will wear what I wear everyday. For the days I have three suits, one blue, one gray and one brown. If I will visit the fair on Friday, then I will go for something a bit more casual. And naturally you will also see me (and Mika) wearing our DLA shirts, ties and pocket squares. Mostly it will be about simple colors and simple combinations, as usual.

Pitti Uomo 91 preview - What I wore for Pitti Uomo 89
On the first day – captured by Neil Watson for A&H Magazine.

Packing for Pitti Uomo – 7 days i Italy

For me it is always hard to decide what to take with me when I travel. Usually I pack too much and too many pieces. And this time we wre heading from Florence to Milan for a few days after the fair. That did not make the packing any easier. All in all I packed with me:

  • Four overcoats (inclunding the one I wear for traveling)
  • 5 pairs of shoes (brown oxfords, black tassel loafers, brown calf leather double monks, midnight blue single monks and white classic sneakers)
  • 4 suits
  • 8 shirts (4 white, 2 denim, 1 light blue, 1 with blue and white stripes)
  • 2 pairs of odd trousers (jeans and white corduroy slacks)
  • 2 roll neck sweaters
  • crew neck cashmere sweater
  • ties and pocket squares
  • Few scarves

Pitti Uomo 91 oreview - what I wore for the second day of Pitti Uomo 89

Preview – best of Pitti Uomo 89

As a friend of mine Erik Mannby said in his article written at Styleforum, Pitti Uomo is more than you can possibly grasp from looking at pictures online. However, if you don’t ever visit the fair, the pictures will be the most you see. And on the other hand, “being outside the fair gives you a chance to see some of the clothes that are on display inside the pavilions being worn by actual people”. And that of course applies to the photos from the fair as well. But there is one negative aspect on watching the fair only through the photos. That is, that usually it is the bright colors and peacock-combinations that are featured on websites. And if you are more into classic menswear and simple, restrained and elegant style, the whole Pitti Uomo might seem as a circus.

It is a fact that the fair and the famour Pitti Uomo wall attracts many attention seeking personalities. They try to wear loud combinations in order to gather the attention of the street style photographers attending the fair. But there is much more. In fact the fair is full of men with traditional and restrained, yet innovative style. Especially the the guys from Asia seem to know what they are doing. But of course, as most of them are in Florence to work as buyers, you don’t see them hanging around the “Pitti wall”.

As a preview I also picked a few of my favorites from last January. To see more, you can check the whole post I wrote about the “Best of Pitti Uomo 89”

How to tie your tie – Florence edition

Also I suggest that you take a look at our “How to tie your tie – Florence edition” post and video we made last January. The post is all about ties different people wore in Florence and combinations that showcase how to make different kind of ties to work. You can definitely learn a lot by taking the lesson.

Follow our journey – DLA at Pitti Uomo 91

This time the DLA crew traveling to Pitti Uomo 91 consists me and Mika. So for us the week is about work as much as it is about pleasure. We have some good stuff coming up for this year and in Florence we will meet our suppliers as well as do some research for the upcoming products. Of course we will try to get as much photo and video coverage as possible to share with you.

I will try to come up with updates from the fair. I will do it here on the blog as well here as on other channels such as instagram – @dresslikea and hopefully also facebook. This time I will try to come up with some more live and up to date posts on instagram via the stories function. So be sure to keep an eye on that.

In addition I definitely recommend to follow my better half @mhsandberg – especially in case you want to get a “women perspective” from the fair. She’s gonna be in Florence from Wednesday onwards. And be sure also to follow Mika @ohituskaistalla on instagram and also on snapchat. He had a great daily reporting from our journey last January and I belive he will continue that on snapchat this time as well.

Read more:

The week went by so fast that I had no time to update this post during the week. Coverage from the week coming up as I get back home to Helsinki. Here I will gather all the post about our trip to Florence for Pitti Uomo 91 and I will keep the list updated.

Pitti Uomo 91 DLA look book – preview

Pitti Uomo 91 – Best street style

Pitti Uomo 91 preview - what I wore for the third day of Pitti Uomo 89