Pocket Squares

DLA wool silk pocket squares-

DLA pocket squares are finished with hand rolled edges, which give them a refined, three-dimensional appearance that machine sewing simply cannot achieve. They are inspired by the golden era of Finnish art and literature, in particular the Finnish National Epic Kalevala, which was a key inspiration for JRR Tolkien.

Each features art from iconic Finnish artitsts, including Akseli Gallen-Kallela, who created the visual world for the Kalevala Epic. His symbolic art was a combination of his own life, folklore myths and Christian mythology. This world of symbolism lies somewhere between dreams and reality.

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  • DLA_white_premium_linen_pocket_square_handmade_in_italy_full_shot
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    White Linen Pocket Square 39
  • dla-defense-of-sampo-pocket-square
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    The Defense of the Sampo 64
  • Lemminkäisen sotaanlähtö
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    Kullervo rides to war 64
  • DLA pocket square Lemminkäinen's mother
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    Lemminkäinen’s mother 64
  • The fighting grouses
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    The Fighting Capercaillies 64
  • dla-pocket-square-3
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    The Kullervo Herding His Wild Flocks 64
  • dla-symposium-pocket-square
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    The Symposium 64