Simple briefcase – Winter Studios

Posted by Atte Rytkönen on 8.8.2016 in General

If you work in office environment or if you are a student you will sooner or later need a bag to carry all your papers and laptop. One option especially for those who are working with more formal dresscode is a classic briefcase. Today taking a look at a simple briefcase by Swedish Winter Studios.

I have earlier written about finding a suitable briefcase for business. You can check that out as a foreword for this post.

Simple briefcase made of vegetable tanned leather by Winter Studios
Winter Studios N1 – made in Sweden.

Simple briefcase on a budget – Winter Studios N.1

Winter Studios is a rather young company founded by three young Swedish graphic designers Simon Jansson, Ida Jonsson and Leo Pahlman. At the moment their selection features only one product. The N.1 briefcase that is available in two colors. I got the pleasure to meet Simon and Ida while they were visiting Helsinki for the launch of the bag. And they were kind to offer me and the other guys at a chance to test the briefcase.

According to Winter Studios the N.1 is a unisex briefcase. If features discrete simplicity instead of superfluity. It is a leather briefcase that is made to last. As said by themselves, time simply animates the briefcase into an old friend who carries the story of life.

Quality briefcases by Winter Studios and Mismo
The briefcase has perfectly space to fit in my Mismo laptop portofolio.

Details – N1

The briefcase is made of 4mm thick vegetable tanned Swedish leather from Tärnsjö tannery. It is made to fit a 15′ laptop and there is no pockets inside, only one big inner department. It needs to be said that the leather in fact is very thick. Despite the simple aesthetics the thickness makes the briefcase pretty robust. Thanks to the thickness of leather it feels that this bag can really take hits. On the other hand the thickness has its price. I got myself a sample piece and at least in that one the stitches on the back of the bag are still a bit uneven. A detail that it not visible from far away but if you take a closer look you will notice it.

As mentioned, the bag does not feature any inner pockets or divided compartments. For the next edition I would suggest adding one as it would make it easier to separate your keys, wallet or phone for example. Another idea for future development would be to cover the backside of the buttoning medal that is inside the bag. That would help protecting laptop and other electronic devices from scratches.

Finally, there is no shoulder strap, which is good. In my opinion for a briefcase like this there really is no need for one.

Winter Studios simple briefcase details
The only visible sign of the brand on the bag is the little “winter”-text on the backside of the briefcase.

How to wear simple leather briefcase?

For me it is pretty clear that this briefcase is made mostly for work purposes. For casual occasions I have other bags. When I got to choose between the black and cognac color I chose the latter. As I have mentioned before, the dress code at my work is not the most severe one. I would say that I wear black shoes 3-5 times a month. Therefore the shade of brown was obvious choice for me as it is easier to combine with the footwear, suits and overcoats I have in my rotation.

If I have understood correctly, Winter Studios did not make this briefcase only for the lawyers or business consultants. For those who are in general though to be carrying their briefcases around. But this bag was meant to be a diverse choice for both men and women. And thanks to the simplicity they pretty much succeeded in my opinion. For example I for sure can imagine my spouse wearing this together with some denim, a button-up shirt and casual blazer while heading for her studies.

Below you can see the briefcase in a normal office setting. Blue suit, striped button-up shirt and a tie. And I was wearing brown calf leather double monks.

Navy blue suit with orange tie and striped shirt
Winter Studios brown briefcase

Sum up

To put it shortly, the N.1 is a simple briefcase which has been stripped of all extra bits and pieces. It is minimalist and clean-cut bag that is appropriate for multiple different styles. I have now used the bag for a couple of months. So far I am nothing but happy with it. I haven’t been particularly careful with it and it is already featuring some clear signs of use. In the near future I need to nourish it a bit with some leather grease which I believe will help it to create even nicer patina.

If you are looking for a briefcase on a budget the N1 by Winter Studios is definitely an options to check out. It is not the most sophisticated or finest piece you can find. But considering the price it is a solid alternative. You can find the briefcase from the brands own website. With the code “tyylit” you can get a 10% discount.

And if you happen to visit Helsinki you can go and take a look at the briefcase either at The Men-store or at Beam.