Autumnal business outfits

Posted by Atte Rytkönen on 30.9.2017 in General

I personally like the fall and early winter season. In terms of dressing up those are actually my favorites. Although my personal is quite same no matter the season, there are naturally differences between fabrics, textures and colors that varies seasonally. So as the fall is here it is good to take a quick look into autumnal business outfits.

I’ve been busy with work which is the reason there haven’t been any new posts for the last couple of weeks. But I thought that I could share a few outfits from the past weeks to give you some seasonal inspiration. I try to keep up posting on instagram and on ig-stories, so from there you will find updated content on daily basis. And I have few articles coming up during the next couple of weeks. So keep an eye on them as well.

Autumnal business outfits - Herno rain jacket with brown suit


Autumnal business outfits – Brown herringbone suit with blue pin dot tie

The first one is from a couple of weeks back. Not very seasonal in a way that the colors and pieces are pretty much the same that I could wear during almost any season of the year. But I have noticed that now as fall has come, I tend to wear this brown herringbone wool suit at least once a week. And later in the fall I will also wear it with the waistcoat it features. At the moment it is still too warm to do that.

This one is a simple business outfit. Brown suit, white shirt, blue pin dot tie and a white pocket square. So I just let the pictures do the talking. And if you want to read more about the suit, check the link above. Or my earlier post about suits for four seasons.

Autumnal business outfits - brown herringbone suit with polka dot tie


Autumnal business outfits - brown wool suit with blue polka dot tie

Autumnal business outfits - how to wear the brown herringbone wool suit


Barbour Bedale SL with a blue business suit

One of the aspects I like about fall and winter here in Finland is the fact that you can play with different kind of overcoats. But even though the temperate drops, it is still too warm to wear any heavier wool or casentino overcoats for example. However the early fall season is a perfect time to wear jackets like the Barbour Bedale. This kind of waxed cotton jackets also protects you from the rain for example.

In principle, the Bedale SL as most of Barbour jackets is essentially casual. Some might say it is at its best when combined with denim, chunky knitwear and more robust footwear. But if you go and google you can find multiple examples where the jacket is combined with more dressed-up garments such as sport coat and cotton slacks or even with a suit. And here I give you one more.

As everyone I personally have some favorite combinations. Pieces you like to wear together. My olive green bedale SL jacket with the printed orange silk-wool scarf by Drake’s is one of them. Scarves are actually pieces you can easily bring color and contrast even to your business outfits. And if you need to tone down the attire, you can just take off the scarf. And the same basically applies to any outerwear. Because you are likely never to wear your overcoat for a business meeting, you can wear for example even a red casentino coat over your restrained gray flannel suit. If you happen to like that.

Autumnal business outfits - Barbour bedale SL jacket with drakes london scarf


Autumnal business outfits - Drakes London printed scarf details

Autumnal business outfits - Gray wool tie with blue checked suit

Autumnal business outfits - DLA gray wool tie details

Chalk striped suit and floral print

I have said it before. In terms of business suits stripes are one the most accepted patterns. Wearing a pin stripe or chalk stripe suit, particularly blue, can showcase a very traditional look. But you can also make chalk stripes to be very fresh, restrained and modern. This Tagliatore suit is one of ready-to-wear suits that I regularly wear in my rotation. The rise of the trousers is a bit low but the fit of the jacket is perfect for me. Actully if I remember correct, the only alteration made to the jacket was to shorten the sleeves.

If you think about seasonal colors, burgundy is one of those that says fall and autumn. One of the reasons is that for example the tree leaves are changing their color and you can see shades of red and even burgundy out in the nature. Here you can see the same shades in the accessories. And burgundy also works nicely with different shades of blue and gray.

Nowadays I don’t really like match my socks to my accessories. But in this case I made an exception. Actually I think that burgundy is one of the only colors I do that. Burgundy is also the only color I use in my socks in addition to blue, brown and black. I know there are people who say that wear colorful socks. And that it is a good way to personalize your outfit. Unless you are Michael Drake or Ignatious Joseph, I recommend to consider that idea at least a couple of times before executing it.

Autumnal business outfits - Tagliatore chalk stripe suit with blue silk floral pattern tie

Autumnal business outfits - DLA floral pattern tie details

Autumnal business outfits - floral print silk tie details

Autumnal business outfits - Crockett&Jones loafers with blue chalk striped suit

Blue suit with gray wool tie

The last one is an outfit which I call as a DLA uniform. A classic blue suit, the DLA gray wool tie, white DLA oxford shirt and the DLA white linen pocket square. This is actually an outfit I feel the most comfortable in. It is simple, it is clean and it works. Every time.

A while ago there was a good point that someone pointed out at the Basically the question was that would some regular people around the offices in the world really know the difference between this kind of outfit I wear here and the suits, shirts or ties you see people wearing every day. Is a suit always just a suit or is the really a difference you be a aware of and notice between the made-to-measure or bespoke suits and the suits you can find from Dressmann, Zara or any other comparable shop for example. I hope there is. And I hope that this kind of awareness about fit issues and quality will keep on spreading. But as this question in my opinion requires and earns more attention, I will come up with an individual post about this soon in the future.

Autumnal business outfits - blue four season suit with DLA gray wool tie

Autumnal business outfits - Blue suit with gray wool tie close-up

Do you have some favorite autumnal business outfits?

  • bt

    I always admire the great proportions your suits have. Do you follow certain rules or do you leave it all to your tailor? I myself am on the shorter side of the spectrum (169 cm) and have been struggling to find the right proportions for a suit (eg shortening the jacket from below messed up the proportions). By looking at your pictures (although there is no total body shot here) it seems like the lower end hem of your suit jacket divides your body (without counting the head) in half. And the top button (or is it the middle button? I can’t tell because there is a higher buttonhole but the button is not visible. I mean the second jacket button from below) seems to divide the suit jacket not exactly in half, but the upper jacket part is very slightly longer that the lower part. I would really appreciate if you could elaborate a little bit on the proportions of your suits. Thanks!

    • dresslikea

      Hey bt,

      thanks for the comment as well as kind words and sorry the late reply.

      Regarding your question, most of my suits nowadays are made-to-measure and the proportions have been balanced with my tailor during the processes. But in general I have a couple of rules I tend to follow with my jackets no matter ready-to-wear or made-to-measure (or bespoke in the future). Regarding the buttoning point (the middle button of a three-button jacket as most of my jackets are or the upper button of a two button jacket), it should be on your waist. Secondly I like my jackets to feature quite a classic length which is a bit longer than most of the modern cuts, even though that I am quite short just like you (170cm). So as you can see most of my jackets come just below my rear. The short text by Jesse of Put This On actually quite precisely summarize my thoughts about the proportions and fit I try to keep in mind with my suits and jackets.

      But this is actually a subject I could try to elaborate more through a separate post in the future. Hope this helps at least a bit.


      • bt

        Thank your for your reply. The link was really helpful to get a better understanding of suit proportions and I would definitely appreciate a separate post on this topic in the future.

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  • KT

    What’s the tie in first pic?

    • Atte Rytkönen


      Sorry for the late reply. The first tie is actually a sample of our upcoming business collection. Yet we are not sure whether it will end up for the production, but probably there will be a dotted tie in navy when we get it launched.