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What to wear for wedding party - short guide for summer weddings

Summer is the ultimate wedding season. And there is a couple of months season left. So it is good time to share a few thoughts about what to wear for wedding party. First thing to keep in mind is that there should be only one center of attention in the party and that's the wedding couple. As a wedding guest your job is to dress and act in a manner that shows you care, without upstaging the wedding party or, particularly, the bride. Blue suit, white shirt and silver grenadine tie with white linen pocket square is the ultimate wedding outfit. It is also good to keep in mind that wedding parties are usually happy gatherings and most of weddings are...

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How to find the perfect perfume - By Kilian in review

The right perfume is the finishing touch for every attire. And every man needs to find the right perfume for himself. That can be done only by trying out and finding the one that matches your taste. In this post I take a look at the latest addition to my own rotation by Kilian perfumes. In addition to clothes there are few things that are extremely important in terms of self-care and creating the overall (personal) look. One of these things is skincare and another is fragrances. Especially the latter is something I have always been very fond of. That said, I was very pleased that last year Helsinki got the first real "perfume gallery", a specialized shop for artisan fragrances -...

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The black grenadine tie (with a brown suit)

A black grenadine tie has recently become one of my personal favorite type of ties. And that was one of the reasons we also included it into our DLA range. It is much more versatile piece than you could think in the first place. Actually you should think it as a alternative for the classic navy grenadine tie. In brief, there are three neckties that every man should have. A blue, silver and black grenadine tie. The black grenadine tie is the one of these you should first of all own for those most unfortunate events. But keep in mind, the black grenadine tie is a piece you can wear in many other occasions as well. The black necktie -...

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Outfit of the week - field jacket with a roll neck sweater and denim

Field jacket with roll neck sweater and denim is a classic combination. It is almost as classic and essential attire than the navy blue suit with a white shirt and gray tie. Naturally they are just meant for pretty different kind of occasions.  It's been again a couple of weeks without "outfit of the week"-post but I will try to keep them coming. So this week the attire is something more casual. Something that is perfect for the chilly but still sunny fall weekends. Field jacket with roll neck sweater and denim Field jacket with denim and a roll neck sweater is something I wear pretty often. Actually I think this is one of the best outfits a man can...

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Outfit of the week - Bottle green for the fall

Some people might say that it is boring. But the gray flannel slacks with a navy jacket is a classic combination. And it is a perfect attire for the fall season. Therefore the outfit of the week this time is an interpretation of that look. Combined with a bottle green grenadine tie and the DLA fighting capercaillies pocket square. I said it just in my previous post, I have always been more of a "suit person" than a guy who wears a lot of sport coats with odd trousers. This applies especially for work. And even though I tend to order most of my suits so that I could easily wear them as separates, most of time I wear them only as a...

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