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Our Story

Dear Sir,

We believe that business attire can be a reflection of your personality. A form of art and a way of life. 

Millions of people put a suit on every day as a form of suppressed personality and to blend in with the army of business uniforms marching the streets. They haven't experienced the immersive satisfaction of fit, quality, true tradition and handmade details.

But You and we know better. We feel the rough edges of hand-rolled pocket squares when dressing up in the morning. We remember the streets of Naples when we loosen the tie after a long work day and pour ourselves a glass of red wine. We admire the handicraft and tradition of tailors when we unbutton our shirts and call it a day.

For us suit is not just a business uniform. It's a part of the Art that we call life.

Who we are?


A Helsinki-based guy in his thirties, lawyer by profession and #menswear-editor by passion. I love champagne and quality burgers.

DressLikeA got started in 2011 as inspirational board for myself. I wanted to share my inspiration with like-minded men. I wanted to share the inspiration and stories I came across during the time I spent searching, learning and developing my own style.

My personal style is guided by three points: quality, fit and aesthetics. And I have always said that it’s essential to be able to dress oneself according the situation and environment. And to do that with simplicity, adaptability and personality. Those are the corner stones of DLA-style.



Mika is an idealist: Patriotic pacifist, phenomenological relativist but most of all a hedonist.

Neapolitan tailoring is his passion but good food and wine are more important for him than a perfect fitting suit. And for what it comes to good wine usually una caraffa di vino della casa is his choice. Life doesn't have to be fancy in order to be refined and enjoyable. For Mika that is the Sprezzatura of Life.

In DLA-team, Mika is the person behind general management and pushing things forward. Outside of DLA, he's a board professional and executive coach working as the chairman for several companies in the field of commerce.

Mika is passionate about working with his hands while renovating an old vickorage which he lives in and designing and building his own wooden furniture. He is as well a passionate cook specializing in "comfort foods" and drinking gin&tonics, negrons or Islay whiskey while cooking.

Music is a big part of Mika's life both in business life but also personal. Collecting and playing vinyl classics is an everyday routine and you can find him from gigs or concerts on most weekends. Enter his mansion and you will be surely confronted with some music. Whether it's a piano concerto or death metal will be up to the day. If you're unlucky, he will be playing guitar and singing himself.


DLA clothing


In summer 2015 we all sharing the same passion sat down together to have a couple of drinks. A few months after that, already in fall 2015 the process for first DLA-labeled garments to be produced was started. And in summer 2016 that process came concrete.

Dressing oneself need to be fun and inspiring, not something inflexible or something you are “forced to do”. You need to acknowledge certain rules and etiquette that are not meant to be broken, but, on the other hand, after you’ve learned to deal with the rules you can also learn how to break them in a right way. And that is what the upcoming DLA-garments and accessories are about. Simple and versatile but still chic. They are chosen by me to highlight the idea, that simplicity is in fact beautiful. And that versatility as well as adaptability are the keys to success. And the products represent the high Italian quality and craftsmanship.

DLA products are subtle yet refined. There are no striking brand tags or logos. We want you to love wearing them purely for the quality and feel they feature.