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White sneakers for spring and summer

White sneakers are a summer essential. One sure thing that tells spring and summer are approaching is the fact that brands and stores are continually bringing out loads and loads of new sneaker models. Today taking a look of selection of white sneakers for this spring and summer. In terms of white and minimalist sneakers one remarkable point is their versatility. They are appropriate and suitable for many different kind of styles. No matter if you are a #menswear-aficianado, friend of vintage clothing, ivy-inspired dresser or one of those guys who are at the moment attracted by that Scandinavian minimalism - you can easily match white sneakers into your wardrobe. align="alignnone" white sneakers - superga cotu 2750 with denimCotton suit with superga sneakersCamel colored cotton suit trousers with white sneakersWhite sneakers for summer casualwhite classic sneakers worn casuallyWhite classic sneakers christian kimber lorne slip-on loafers Classic white slip-on sneaker by Christian Kimber. Perfect with denim but can be combined as well with more dressed-up cotton slacks.

Sum up - 5 white sneakers for spring 2016

And as a conclusion five pairs of white sneakers to check out for this spring and summer. Just remember two things. First of all, the trick with white sneakers is that you need to keep them white. Secondly, forget those "dress trainers". If you dress shoes, buy dress shoes. If you want sneakers, buy sneakers. There is no successful hybrids between these two. white classic sneakers common projects achilles low 1) Common Projects Navy Suede Original Achilles Low The Achilles by Common Projects is a modern classic - most of all thanks to the minimalist design and superior made in italy -construction. There are multiple versions available but the white is in my book the most versatile one. Pair these with a crispy, fitted cotton suit and a white soft collar button-up. White classic sneakers buttero 2) Buttero white leather running sneakers Italian Buttero is mostly known for their tanino sneakers. For the second season in a row they have now come up with a personal looking runner model. A suitable option for those looking for something a bit different. I would not wear these with suit but with some dark blue denim and a white t-shirt these would make a great combination. White classic sneakers converse jack purcell 3) Converse Jack Purcell Signature Jack Purcell is a classic pretty much the same way than Superga - it can be easily worn with almost anything. This is a good option for those who do not feel comfortable paying over 100 or over 300 euros for a pair of sneakers.  
classic white sneakers adidas stan smith 4) Adidas Stan Smith Adidas's Stan Smith is a classic. Simple white leather sneaker made by the company since the 1960s that was renamed according the American tennis player in 1973. This spring Adidas in collaboration with Swedish Sneakers n Stuff launched a so-called Adidas Originals Shades of White pack, a set of three models featuring a very nice version of Stans. Pic by Sneakers n Stuff. White classic sneakers Superga 2750 cotu canvas 5) Superga 2750 cotu My personal favorite. Simple and casual. Yet refined and chic. Can be worn with cotton or linen suits as well as with denim. They are at their best after you have used them properly for a while. And when they start to look like you have worn them properly. And if you want to make them white and clean again, just throw them into washing machine.  

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