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Best of season - FW16 collections and look books

Early fall is the time when everyone are looking for inspiration for the upcoming season. And the time when you see the new selections and look books coming up. Today I take a look at five collections and look books that are worth keep an eye on this fall. I haven't for a while come up with any reviews of current collections. Therefore I decided to bring together my favorite look books for the season. So in this post I have gathered five different collections, all from the brands I personally value and for which I can find inspiration time after time. Best menswear look books fw16 - Drake's London and Jason JulesRing Jacket FW16 If you are about to take a more detailed look at only one look book this season to find inspiration for classic business and casual wear, choose this one. The collection by Japanese Ring Jacket is on point from start to finish. This look book simply showcases why a man can and should build his wardrobe based on blue, brown and gray. Blue jackets are combined with simple roll necks and light shade trousers. Gray suits and checked jackets are paired with white shirts and simple ties. And for casual looks they combine the patterned jacket with denim or blue shirt and some lightweight jeans. [gallery link="file" size="medium" ids=",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"]

Lardini FW16

In terms of seasonal collections Italian Lardini is another one of my personal favorites. And this season makes no exception. This time the collection and look book is inspired by the elegant laid-back look of the Beat Generation. In addition there are references to iconic military pieces and official's uniforms. These are combined with the well-known Lardini elements such as bold checks and innovative fabric treatments. For the second time in a row Lardini has chosen to combine the looks with quite casual choices of footwear. There is a pair of classic white canvas sneakers and a pair of more robust plain toe bluchers and chelsea boots. All three are simple choices to underline the simplicity and ease of dressing well. At the same time they add a little amount of casualness even to otherwise quite dressed-up combinations. And it seems that the corduroy suits are making a comeback. [gallery link="file" size="medium" ids=",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"]


Creativity and sophistication are looking ahead. That's the motto Pierluigi Boglioli has brought up as inspiration and base of his creations. The fall and winter collection by The GIGI is once again on point. It is fusion of fabrics and colors and well-balanced combination between elaborated details and craftsmanship. The look book presents shawl collar jackets, double-breasted vests, chunky roll neck sweaters and detailed textures. The color scheme is restrained and outfits are mainly based on monochrome combinations. In my opinion these blue on blue and gray on gray attires offer good source for anyone looking for inspiration to create well-executed casual and cozy combinations. And even though you would not be into the total look approach by The GIGI, don't miss the selection. If you choose to combine the individual pieces with something more formal, most of them are totally appropriate to wear even at the office. [gallery link="file" size="medium" ids=",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"]

Loro Piana FW16

Last but not least for this selection is Italian Loro Piana. As usual the look book features €œpencil sketches€ and underlines the ease, elegance and form of Italian style. It combines the worlds of being dressed-up but and casual. It is once again a manifestation of €œItalian minimalism€. There are no sriking elements or €œsprezzatura€. Just simple combinations, restrained shades and earthy colors. And all these are combined with high quality materials. Finally softly tailored garments are smoothly combined together. [gallery link="file" size="medium" ids=",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"]

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