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Blue lighweight wool suit with a blue tie and a tie pin for summer weddings

A blue suit for summer weddings. Blue suit with white shirt and navy blue grenadine tie. This could actually be my signature outfit. Whenever I need to wear an attire that I feel comfortable and good in, I go back to this basic look. And it works every time.

A good friend of ours got married on Saturday. I thought I could share a few pictures of what I wore for the party. I wrote earlier about what to wear for a wedding party. If you haven't yet read that post, you can first take a look at that. Here I will basically just let the pictures do the talking.

Blue suit for summer weddings party - Herrainpukimo mtm-suit with DLA navy blue grenadine tie and white DLA oxford shirt

Keep it simple. The blue suit with blue tie and white shirt is a combination you really can't go wrong.

Classic dark blue lightweight wool suit with simple details

Before the weddings I had more or less two options to wear for the party. Two different kind of suits. The first one would have been a light gray suit which I actually wore for weddings last summer. It is one of my favorite suits which I have worn for both work and more festive occasions.

In general light gray is quite a casual suit color. It is regarded as a color for a lounge suit. A color that is at its best when you wear it for work or some casual occasions. But in my opinion it is also an appropriate option for relaxed summer weddings. Especially if there is not particular dress code for the party. And this time there wasn't.

Blue suit for summer weddings party - At the NJK with the sun and my mtm-suit

The day was sunny and perfect for a beautiful wedding party.

However I ended up choosing and wearing my recent dark blue made-to-measure suit. I could say that I went for the more formal choice in this case. The suit in question is a bit more formal also in terms of details. The pockets are classic jetted pockets instead of patch pockets. Also the shoulder structure is natural and soft but it does not feature the (Neapolitan) roping such as the gray suit I could have worn. One reason for my choice was also the fact that my spouse was wearing a navy blue dress. So we matched in that way as well.

Blue suit for summer weddings party - drinking champagne at the terrace of NJK

Another thing you can't go wrong with - bubbles.

Navy blue grenadine tie and the Symposium

I have already thought that when I get married myself I will wear a dark blue two- or three-piece suit. With a white shirt and a silver grenadine tie and a white linen pocket square. But as a guest and for this kind of a wedding party I decided to go for the navy blue grenadine tie and the Symposium pocket square. Again little choices to dress down the look just a notch. But still to keep it festive enough.

Someone might think that the the burgundy color of the Symposium square is out of place here. But in my opinion it actually brings just the right amount of color to the outfit. It actually matches the shades of blue, brown and white you can see. And naturally for occasions like this I want to my wear our own garments as they were designed to be perfect match just for this kind of essential use as wedding parties as well.

My beautiful better half in her blue Mr. Selfportrait dress.

The one that always leaves me into her shadow.

Tie pearl pin - a way to personalize your outfit

I've said before, as a wedding guest your job is to dress and act in a manner that shows you care. And you do that without upstaging the wedding party or, particularly, the bride. That's why I usually try to keep my own outfit as simple as possible. Most times I just make sure that I have a suit that fits me well and is not too striking or bold.

But then there are certain ways that you can try and personalize your attire. You make that little difference by those little details and choices. One of my personal favorites for party occasions and outfits is to use a little tie pearl pin. I've acquired them a few years ago and since then they have been my "go-to" accessory for this kind formal yet relaxed events.

Blue suit for summer weddings party - tie pearl pin with navy blue grenadine tie.

The tie pearl pin with DLA navy blue grenadine tie and Symposium pocket square.

The right place for your tie pin

By tie pin I don't mean a tie clip or a tie bar. A tie pin (also known as a stick pin) is a neckwear-controlling device, originally worn by wealthy English gentlemen to secure the folds of their cravats. But you can also see it just as an accessory. If you search, you can find multiple different kind of tie pins. They feature for example animal heads, knife and fork motifs, wishbones, bugs, flowers, shields and a host of other figural motifs. All of them have their own aesthetics and history as well. But for party attire I personally prefer the simple pearl like the one I wore for this case.

It is also worth mentioning that originally (and most times nowadays as well) the tie pin should be fastened much lower than where I wear it. This is because you can use the pin to fasten the tie to the shirt and keep them in place. This can be especially useful on formal occasions or in windy weather. But as I tend to use it basically purely as a decorative piece, I like to wear it just below the tie knot. For me this is the most aesthetically pleasing option. But this is naturally just a matter of taste.

Blue suit for summer weddings party - Calf leather penny loafers with blue suit and socks

My C&J Sydney penny loafers with socks matching the suit. And 5,5cm cuffs.

Conclusion - Blue suit for summer weddings and penny loafers to nail the look

The rule you see in most places is to stick with cap-toe oxfords for most formal occasions. But for more casual ceremonies you can go for loafers or monk shoes as well. This time as I said there were no dress code. So I chose to wear my Crockett&Jones Sydney penny loafers in brown calf. I wanted to wear the brown shoes as they matched to the color scheme perfectly. And because my spouse also wore nude colored shoes so they were matching those as well.

On the morning of the weddings I brushed the shoes and gave them a little polishing. In my opinion they dressed down the attire just the notch that was needed. Also made the attire perfectly suitable for the place where the party was hosted, a nice villa / restaurant on an island in front of the city.

So basically what I wore was a really simple outfit. An outfit you have seen on me for thousand times. Blue suit with white shirt, blue tie and brown loafers. I don't think you need anything more. If I were to choose the blue lightweight wool suit is just a perfect choice for any summer weddings. And the most important thins, I felt really good while wearing it through the day.

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