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Blue suit with gray wool tie

Take a blue suit with gray wool tie and white shirt. Put on a lightweight wool pocket square with some little contrast color and choose a pair of brown leather shoes. What you have, is a perfect outfit for any business meeting.  It's been a busy week with no posts but let's continue with the basics. This set is from our photo shoot at the Dick Johnson Barber shop in Tampere a couple of months ago. And there's one more from the same shooting coming up. align="alignnone" Navy blue suit with gray wool tie - keep it simple.Navy blue suit with gray wool tie - combine your herringbone suit in restrained way Always remember to keep the width of your jacket lapels in balance with your body and the width of the tie you choose.

Blue suit with gray wool tie - and white shirt

I have said it multiple times before but I will say it again. If you pair your (navy) blue suit with a white shirt, you really can't fail. Add the the gray tie and you are still on the safe zone. Once again it also need to be said that this does not mean that this combination is somehow boring. It is not. If you take a closer of look of the suit you will see the herringbone pattern on the fabric. If you finger the gray wool tie, you can see, sense and feel the untipped finishing and hand-rolled edges.  You can also feel the light construction of the tie. And if you put on the shirt you will see how the soft semi-spread collar is an appropriate choice for both casual and business occasions. Navy blue suit with gray wool tie - and how to wear it. The gray wool tie is my personal favorite from our DLA line It is classic, yet lightweight, versatile and distinctive. And you can wear it around the year. The tie is crafted from pure Italian summer suiting wool fabric. To put it short, it's a perfect option to complete your office outfit. So remember this, a solid gray tie is a wardrobe staple every man must have. navy-blue-suit-with-gray-wool-tie-and-white-shirt Finally, with this outfit I could walk to any business meeting without a doubt. So keep it mind, you don't need to wear clothing that draws attention or strikes observers as flamboyant. Just make sure you wear clothes that are just well put together.

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