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Blue tie with checked suit - outfit of the week

Blue tie with checked suit and white shirt. You can't really find many outfits that would be more "business appropriate" than this one. For an outfit of the week a simple execution and example how to combine the classic blue grenadine tie with your checked suit. When at work, I try to keep my outfits fairly subtle. Both in terms of color and pattern. I use some splashes for example in form of pocket square every now and then, but most of time I got with shades of blue, brown and grey. align="alignnone" Blue tie with checked suit and white shirt.Blue grenadine tie with gray checked suitBlue tie with checked suit - details.Blue suit with checked suit - how to tie the double four-in-hand knot No knot like the double four-in-hand. Pics taken by Mika Niemi at the sky terrace of Klaus K hotel.

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