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Outfit of the week - Bottle green for the fall

Some people might say that it is boring. But the gray flannel slacks with a navy jacket is a classic combination. And it is a perfect attire for the fall season. Therefore the outfit of the week this time is an interpretation of that look. Combined with a bottle green grenadine tie and the DLA fighting capercaillies pocket square.


I said it just in my previous post, I have always been more of a "suit person" than a guy who wears a lot of sport coats with odd trousers. This applies especially for work. And even though I tend to order most of my suits so that I could easily wear them as separates, most of time I wear them only as a full suit. But as you can see, sometimes I go with the suit jacket with odd trousers look.

Bottle green - a perfect choice for the fall season

Most of attires I wear are based on three colors . The blue, gray and brown. But naturally in addition to these three I use other colors to bring contrast and little variation to my outfits. Those colors I tend to vary based on the seasons. For example for the fall and winter season I favor rusty and earthy tones and colors such as burnt orange or deep burgundy.

One color that I especially like to wear during the fall season, is green. Darker shades of green to be exact. And even though I like to play with dark green accessories, the bottle green is in fact a color that you can use in almost any piece of your wardrobe. A restrained dark green wool sport coat for example would be a perfectly appropriate piece to wear even for a business meeting.

What did I wear - bottle green grenadine tie and gray flannel

The jacket in the pictures is from my first mtm-suit from Herrainpukimo, made of Vitale Barberis super 110s wool fabric. And this suit is actually one of those pieces that I do wear as separates.  Especially the jacket goes well with odd trousers like the gray flannel slacks here. If you want see more about the suit, check the post about how to wear the navy blue suit in two different ways.

The trousers are from a Korean brand Finealta. Due to the weight and the charcoal gray color they are at their best during the fall and early winter season. Definitely appropriate to wear at work and almost for any business meeting as well.

Bottle green grenadine tie with four-in-hand knot

The white oxford shirt the pocket square are both from our DLA selection. The Fighting capercaillies pocket square is in fact the one from our collection that I would call as a pocket square of the season. It is a piece that will add a touch of character to any attire. You can use the square to add a little note of distinction to an understated suit or a jacket. And you can easily wear it with a gray or brown flannel suit for example. Or you can wear it with your dark blue sport coat like I have done here.


Finally, the bottle green grenadine tie is made by Viola Milano from the the garza grossa grenadine silk. In comparison to the garza fina grenadine it has more substantial fabrication and looser, bigger weave. As for most of my ties, I basically always use the double four-in-hand knot to tie it.

Mastery bi-fold wallet with bottle green grenadine tie and gray flannel details

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