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Bottle green tie for business wear

Green is usually a color that you see used in outerwear, trousers and nowadays also in suits. But for some reason you don't see a lot of green accessories. But in fact, besides blue, brown and gray, green tie is in my opinion actually one of the two most versatile options for business wear. And the other is burgundy.

Today I take a look at how to incorporate the bottle green tie into your simple and restrained business wardrobe. And how to wear it with a blue suit.

Bottle green tie for business wear - with blue suit and white shirt

Blue suit, white shirt and bottle green tie - appropriate combination even for the board room meetings.

Green tie - choose the right shade

If you decide to go green, it is naturally important to choose the right shade. Depending on the outfit and purpose, you can choose between for example bottle green, loden green, olive green, kelly green or mint green. And actually many of these are quite near to each other. So it can be hard to tell whether the shade is for example bottle or loden green. And well, as long as you have the ensemble in balance, it doesn't really matter.

However, my favorite shade especially for business wear is the bottle green. The shade is basically inspired by the look of light shining through an old bottle of beer. Some people also call this shade hunter green or British racing green. In addition to pine green this is basically the most darkest shade of green there is. And as you know, darker shades are always in principle more formal and business oriented than the lighter shades.

Bottle green tie for business wear - close-up with the suit and tie

Dark navy suit with the bottle green tie - simple yet unique combination.

How to wear the green tie

Ideally, if you wear for example a suit or sport coat with checks, it would be good to have one of the minor colors in those checks also be green.  That way you can play off the color in your tie. But that is not necessary. Bottle green ties are especially easy to pair with dark and navy blue as well as with shades of gray. For example a light gray suit with white shirt and bottle green tie is a perfect kit to wear at the office.

In terms of shirts, the green tie pairs nicely with white, light blue and different kind of stripes. But as for the most people the green tie is a bit peculiar choice, I wouldn't pair it with pink or brown striped shirts for example. Instead I would stay with the classic and simple combination. That way it is the tie that is the center of your attire.

If you are looking for a plain green tie, I suggest that you go for darker shades. And again, look for material with more intense texture. Bottle green shantung silk, cashmere or linen are all really good choices to widen your neckwear range. These are easy to pair with heavier wools or even with your unstructured sport coats. But if you are looking for something smoother, my recommendation would be for example olive or kelly green printed twill silk. This kind of printed ties and lighter shades are good to combine with your navy blue or light gray business suits.

Bottle green tie for business wear - suit with restrained overcheck and white shirt

Blue, green, white and black.

Green, blue and black

The outfit featured here is again a very basic office attire. The blue suit with subtle black overcheck is first of all combined with the white shirt. As I wear I white shirt to the office around four times a week, this combination makes no exception. The main colors are blue, white and green. But as you can see in the details, the is also black color involved. Both, the tie and the suit feature a restrained black overcheck. This is another way to match those little details. I don't have green on the suit which would be the predictable choice, but instead it is the black that is repeated on the patterns.

Bottle green tie for business wear - details of the tie and suit

Pay attention to the details.

Some people say that white linen pocket square should be used only for formal attires. And I understand that. But I personally think that white linen pocket square is actually one of the most versatile pocket square choices you can opt for. For this outfit, I could have chosen a silk or woolen pocket square featuring some green details to repeat the color of the tie. But I wanted to go for the simple white one. But not white the tv-fold but instead a bit more casual puff fold option. And the result is an outfit that is totally appropriate for any board meeting or some other formal business occasion. But still it is an attire that is implemented in a way that highlights those little details.

Bottle green tie for business wear - Restrained check on the suit and tie

Details and my new Kronaby watch.

When to wear green ties

In my opinion you can wear green ties year-round, as long as you pair them the right items. But especially they are nice option for the fall, winter and early spring season. If you want to go green during summer time, bottle green is still an appropriate choice. But you can also try some lighter shades. Even though I personally prefer the darker shades, mint or apple green tie with a white shirt and mid-brown linen suit might be a combination worth trying.

Bottle green tie for business wear - Midnight blue shoes with the blue suit

And finalize the look with some midnight blue shoes.

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