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Brown grenadine tie with light gray suit

With a simple grenadine tie you can create a discreet layer of texture into a formal outfit. Grenadine ties are good especially for their textured appearance, which makes them the ideal companion for different kind every shirts, suits and jackets you have in your closet. And a solid brown grenadine tie is a good choice for business outfits. It works great with grey flannel suit, green wool sport coat or a navy blazer.

Basically you can wear a brown grenadine tie to any of your business meetings. And you can wear it for after-work drinks or for a casual weekend lunch.

Brown to grenadine tie - tying my tie with the four-in-hand knot

Brown grenadine tie is always a good choice to balance your business outfit.


Brown grenadine tie - safe choice for business wear

Grenadine ties are among my personal favorites. And as some people say, grenadine ties are the most versatile type of ties. In my opinion the grenadine’s texture gives it visual and aesthetic interest which is then balanced by subdued coloring. And therefore I personally prefer plain and simple colors such as brown, blue or forest green for example. Altogether the features of the fabric and subdued coloring make it easy to wear with almost anything.

So in terms of material plain colored grenadine silk is a safe choice. And in terms of color brown is as well one the easiest options to play with. First of all you can pair it with a range of colors from blue and gray to different shades of brown. But you can also combine it with orange or even pink for example. And when it comes to textures, you can combine the grenadine silk with different materials from fine wools to more heavier flannels or even with lightweight linen. Here you can see it with lightweight and plain ligh gray wool suit, crispy white button-up shirt and a brown woolen pocket square. Brown grenadine tie - Light gray suit with grenadine tie and woolen pocket square

Brown garza grossa grenadine silk tie. Did you know that garza grossa was the type of silk most of Sean Connery’s Bond ties were made from?

Light gray wool suit with the garza grossa brown grenadine tie

The tie I am wearing here is made of the so-called garza grossa grenadine. As you may know, the grenadine silk is available in two different grades. First of all there is the garza fina silk which is more delicate weave. And then there is the garza grossa which the more substantial fabrication.

To put it shortly, garza grossa is a looser and bigger weave. On ties made of silk with this weave the silk slightly moves over time. Garza fina looks a bit finer, and the weave is a bit tighter. Both of these will give you the texture you need in a simple tie, but garza grossa’s texture is in general more apparent from a distance. Garza grossa also makes for a slightly fuller tie knot. On the other hand garza fina is softer and the texture more subtle. Both of the materials are great but in my opinion the garza fina grenadine is more versatile.

Brown grenadine tie - simple combination of brown and gray

And as a sum-up, if you want an easy way to pull off your brown grenadine tie, try this:

  • Light gray suit
  • White spread collar shirt
  • Wool pocket square with patterned design
  • Brown calf leather oxford shoes

As said and ss you can see, with a simple grenadine tie you can create a discreet layer of texture into a formal outfit like the gray suit and white shirt.

Brown grenadine tie - you can combine the tie with different kind of pocket squares

The brown grenadine tie combined with a white shirt and brown pocket square. But the tie would also make a great pair for the DLA Kullervo pocket square presented on the table.

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