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Brown tie with blue blazer

Brown and blue are always a safe choice. Brown tie with a blue blazer is a combination one can't really miss with. But is it possible to build an outfit appropriate for business occasion by using just these two colors.

Or by using these two colors in the upper half of the ensemble to be exact. Navy blazer with brown wool tie

Note to self - make sure your pocket square stays deep enough in the pocket.

Woolen brown tie with blue flannel blazer

First of all, in terms of ties wool is a material that I personally prefer due to its versatility. In addition to shantung silk and grenadine ties woolen ties, especially more lightweight ones, are among those type of ties that can be used almost around the year. And if you want to maximize the versatility go for colors such as brown or gray that are easily combined with multiple other colors.

Secondly, as mentioned many times, navy or dark blue blazer is one the most versatile pieces there can be in man's wardrobe. Combining these two pieces is also a safe bet. However there are couple of things to consider. First make sure that the textures of your jacket and tie are in balance.

After that pay attention to the shirt you choose. You might want a little bit of contrast but my personal preference, especially for business-related purposes is to go either with white or light blue. In addition a striped shirt with white ground color is an appropriate option.

This particular brown tie I am wearing here is handmade in Italy by Berg&Berg. The tie is made of Holland&Sherry wool fabric that features so-called melange effect. This effect gives the tie a neat texture and makes it perfectly compatible with the flannel wool fabric of the blazer. Brown tie with brown striped shirt and blue shirt

A little bit of gray to balance the shades of brown and blue.

Wearing shades of brown

It is said that an outfit should always have some contrast in terms of colors.Usually the most easiest way to do that is to wear for example a pocket square that features colors or shades that are not presented in other parts of the outfit. This time however I decided to go for brown.

The blazer is dark blue but all other pieces of the top half - shirt, tie and pocket square - feature brown. Whereas a classic choice would have been to wear a shirt with blue stripes and that way balance the proportion of blue and brown, the shirt with brown stripes highlights the congenial relation of selected pieces in another way. You can also imagine how a dark brown sport coat would work in this context by making the look full monochromatic.

As you can see here, simple combinations are easy to make work. A pocket square with another color might have brought some additional contrast to the ensemble. On the other hand it might have stolen the attention of the whole. By these shirt and pocket square choices the attention is concentrated to the whole and to the fine colors and textures of the blue blazer and brown tie. Which in fact are the key players of this ensemble. Brown tie with double-four-in-hand knot and dimple

Berg&Berg brown tie made of Holland&Sherry melange wool and double-four-in-hand knot.

Details of brown wool tie with blue blazer

Brown x Blue - simple yet effective.

Leather bracelet DLAxArte

Leather bracelet in a shade of brown to complement the ensemble.

Folding pocket square

How do you fold your pocket square?

Sum up - wearing brown for business

To put it short, brown is appropriate for business. And even almost monochromatic ensembles like the one I am wearing here can be totally suitable in an office environment. At least I will wear this attire to work tomorrow.

One thing you always need to consider is that how you want to build your outfit. What are the parts, pieces or combinations you want to highlight. This is important as it affects to the choices you need to make. This time I started by choosing a tie I wanted to wear - a brown tie made of lightweight wool fabric. After that I chose to combine it with the dark blue flannel blazer. As I wanted to play with brown, I also chose a shirt featuring brown stripes.

At that point I paid attention to the fact that the upper part of the outfit was going to be dominated by brown. I had a choice either to choose a pocket square that would create contrast or continue with brown till the end. After trying out couple of other pieces I ended up choosing the one seen in the pics. A white linen square featuring brown paisley pattern.

But as I did not want to go full monochromatic I decided to wear mid-gray flannel trousers by Finealta. A choice that will in the end balance and make the outfit to be appropriate for work or some other semi-formal occasion. Navy blue flannel blazer with brown tie

Ready for the upcoming work week. Even though looking a bit tired.

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