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Casentino wool overcoat with G.Abo Napoli gray flannel suit

Last few posts have been more or less on the casual side. As the last week at work before Christmas starts it is time to get back to business wear. Today taking a look of an outfit that is a bit more bold in terms of patterns and materials but restrained and simple in terms of colors and combining.  Light brown casentino overcoat with gray suit

Wearing double-breasted casentino wool overcoat by Tagliatore.

Double-breasted casentino wool overcoat – between formal and casual

I need to admit I am a fan of Casentino cloth. The overcoat here is my first ever Casentino wool coat that I purchased in fall 2013. The jacket is double-breasted and the color is something between sand and camel. In addition to this one I have two others in my selection. White single-breasted casentino coat made by Lardini and navy blue casentino wool peacoat by Korean Bastong. Both jackets will be featured here later on.

In terms of fit the jacket I am wearing here is a bit more loose than many of my other jackets. This makes it perfect to wear over suits and sport coats. Another positive features of the jacket is the surface that makes it warm, waterproof and resistant. This is good especially during winter like this when you never know whether it is going to be raining or freezing when you head to work in the morning.

Single-breasted flannel suit by G.Abo Napoli

The suit here is a grey single-breasted flannel suit featuring blue windowpane over check by Italian G.Abo Napoli. The jacket of the suit features two patch pockets, 3-roll-2 buttoning, quite high gorge, semi-wide lapels and bit more structured shoulder-line. Despite the patch pockets and 3-roll-2 buttoning stance in my book the suit is meant for business and work related occasions. One reason for this is the shoulder structure of the jacket. Unlike most of my suits and sport coats this the shoulders of this jacket have more structure and are made by using so-called roped shoulder-construction. Every now and then it is a nice change to those soft shoulder lines, especially during those days when you need to suit up for a bit more formal meeting. In a way it also balances those above mentioned casual details of the jacket.

Gabo Napoli suit with Berg&Berg wool tie

Remember to keep the balance between the width of your jacket lapels and your tie.

G.Abo Napoli gray suit with overcheck

Patch pockets are appropriate even for a business suit.

Suit up with simple accessories

As the suit itself is pretty bold I wanted to keep rest of the outfit quite restrained. First of all I chose a light blue shirt with very subtle micro-check / houndstooth pattern and wide-spread collar. White shirt would have been good option as well but in this case I wanted to dress down the outfit a little bit. And for that light blue color is more appropriate than white which is the most formal color one can choose in terms of shirt.

The tie is gray wool tie by Berg&Berg with a subtle prince of wales-check. Again something simple yet refined. And as the suit is made of pretty heavy weight flannel it is recommendable to opt for a bit heavier texture and cloth in terms of accessories as well. When it comes to ties and winter it is in general better to favor other materials than basic (smooth) silk.

In terms of patterns I followed the basic rule. Never wear more than 3 different patterns in one outfit. And actually as the pattern of suit is pretty bold and prominent I wanted to keep the other patterns quite restrained.

Berg&Berg tie details - tie your tie

Tie your tie properly when you leave home. After that, let it be.

Berg&Berg wool tie with checked G.Abo Napoli suit

Prince of Wales check wool tie by Berg&Berg combined with gray flannel suit by G.Abo Napoli.

G.Abo Napoli suit details - gray suit with white pocket square

In terms of pocket square choices – white tv-fold is never wrong.

Vintage Omega seamaster details

My Vintage Omega Seamaster is perfect option to combine with a business suit.

Tagliatore double-breasted casentino wool overcoat

Casentino wool - versatile choice for winter wear.


Overcoat: Tagliatore Suit: G.Abo Napoli Shirt: Schoffa Tie: Berg&Berg

Pocket square: Eton of Sweden Shoes: Crockett&Jones for Paul Smith

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