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Casual and sharp - patterned sport coat with brown tie

Do you own a patterned sport coat or a blazer? Today a quick look how to pull of a good dressed-up casual look. How to keep your outfit appropriate for casual hangout but still make it sharp and polished. Being casual and dressed-up at the same time is not always easy. But if you need a simple outfit to play this game with, here is a tip. Go for a patterned sport coat and simple and plain button up shirt. Pair them with light colored cotton or wool slacks or if you dare, with tailored denim. Finally take a tie with vivid texture and complete the set with appropriate pocket square and a pair of loafers or brogue shoes. align="alignnone" Dark brown shantung tie with sport coat and denimHow to combine brown tie with blue shirtBrown shantung silk tie with light blue shirt and sport coatDLA dark brown shantung silk tie with Symposium pocket square Texture can make a difference. Shantung silk is a perfect choice to combine with your patterned sport coats.

 Accessories - play with textures

When you combine accessories with the rest of your outfit there ain't much rules. In the end it is all about good taste. In terms of accessorizing keeping your choices simple and restrained will take you far. And the old rule, never more than three different patterns in one outfit is good to keep in mind. I am personally fond of plain ties. I always have been, although I naturally have some patterned ties in my selection. But plain ties does not need to be same than plain and boring. For example the brown shantung tie I am wearing here features an interesting texture that makes the outfit more vivid and alive. But still the ensemble is simple and clean. With pocket squares I also have personal preferences. Instead of classic silk squares I prefer pocket squares that are made either of wool and linen or wool and silk mixed fabrics. They are usually more appropriate to wear around the year and they are also - in my opinion - easier to combine with different kind of jackets. The colors usually also are repeated more softly in a cloth mixing wool and silk. For this combination I chose to wear the Defense of Sampo pocket square which repeats the brown shades of the tie and loafers and at thus connects the whole together. DLA selfie - brown tie with light blue shirt   Finally, for another example on how to wear this kind of a sport coat, read the post from May.

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