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Chalk stripe flannel suit - shades of brown

When someone says "flannel suit", the first thing in your mind is probably a heavier mid-gray business suit. But flannel is naturally more than that. And if you want to add variety in your wardrobe, try a light colored and lightweight chalk stripe flannel suit. I have written earlier about chalk striped suits and the differences between different striped fabrics. Here I feature one of my favorite suits for fall and winter season, chalk stripe flannel suit by Italian Tombolini. Light colored chalk stripe flannel suit with brown wool tie Chalk stripe flannel suit with chambray shirt and brown wool tie.

Chalk stripe flannel suit - choice for winter season

In terms of suits and sport coats there are certain ground rules. One of those is that darker colors and shades are in general more formal than the lighter ones. Another one is that lighter colors are meant for spring and summer, darker shades for fall and winter. You don't really see people wearing light colored suits in formal occasions. Or when it is -25°C and dark outside. But sometimes you can try to stretch these rules. I still don't mean that you should for example wear your white linen suit to funerals or other very formal parties. But what you could do, is try and find variation to your business rotation. For that purpose light colored flannel is a good choice. Tombolini chalk stripe flannel-suit-with-brown-wool-tie-and-chambray-shirt - This is how to pull it off. This is how you can wear your chalk stripe flannel suit in a casual way. But it is still appropriate for business purposes.

Light brown flannel suit by Tombolini

The suit I wear here is made by Italian Tombolini. I have actually bought it from a second hand store in London a few years ago. I'm not sure though if anyone had used it before me, as it was is in perfect condition when I bought it. The suit is made of lightweight flannel wool fabric but there is 10% of cashgora mixed with the wool. That addition makes the fabric even more soft and refined in my opinion. How to combine - Brown wool tie with flannel suit. Flannel wool, chambray and wool mixed together. The jacket of the suit is lightweight even though it is fully lined. The jacket is single-breasted with two buttons and feature jetted pocket with flaps. Personally I do not really like the flaps so I pretty much always stuck them into the pockets. That way they please me more aesthetically. The jacket is made with full-canvas construction and there is some nice little details such as the hand stitching on the collar. Even though the suit is quite old, the details such as the height of the gorge and buttoning point are pretty much perfect for my personal taste. Trousers feature semi-high rise and my tailor have finished them with 19cm leg opening and 5cm cuffs. DLA Defense of Sampo-pocket-square-with-flannel-suit-and-chambray-shirt The Defense of Sampo pocket square and shades of brown.

Light colored flannel and chalk stripes - make it business formal or casual?

Chalk stripe flannel is a good choice for hearty cold-weather business suits. Usually you see it in shades of dark blue. But this one is much more lighter, the color is something in between sand and light brown. And the color in my opinion make this suit even more versatile. If I pair this suit with white shirt and blue cashmere tie for example, I get quite a formal business look. But I can easily also dress down the suit a bit like I have done here. With chambray shirt and brown wool tie the attire is still appropriate to wear for work. But it is not as formal as it could be. I will later this season come up with set featuring this suit that is more appropriate for formal business meetings. Mismo leather portfolio with chalk stripe flannel suit I've had this Mismo portfolio is now about 4 years. And it is aging perfectly. As you see, here I chose to play with shades of brown. Only the shirt is light blue but otherwise there is no other colors presented. The suit is very light brown, someone could say sand colored. The tie is dark brown wool tie which brings a little contrast to the attire together with the dark brown shoes. Finally a DLA "defense of the Sampo"-pocket square and the tobacco leather portfolio by Mismo. Total look - Tombolini chalk stripe flannel suit with chambray shirt, brown wool tie and brown oxfords Ready for the upcoming winter season.

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