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Checked sport coat for weekend casual

A while ago I wrote about sports coats for spring. Today I want to demonstrate why every man should have at least one checked sport coat in his wardrobe. In this post I also want to show that colors are not the only thing a man can variate his outfit with. In terms of patterned sport coats and blazers there are multiple choices available. Shortly, if you don't yet have one, I recommend to start with a blazer featuring restrained and simple pattern. For example a small-scaled prince of wales check is pretty much a safe choice. This kind of jackets you can basically wear as well over a waistcoat and tie as with jeans and t-shirt. Checked sport coat with denim shirt  

Checked sport coat with white trousers - play with fabrics and textures

In terms of colors the outfit here is basically built around different shades of blue. And white. And if you look it from a distance you see a blue jacket with white trousers. Safe choices. But if you look closer you can see that the jacket is made of a silk-linen mixture and the shirt is lightweight Italian denim. White trousers are not plain cotton but corduroy. And the tie is made of dark blue garza fina grenadine silk. Checked Lardini sport coat with denim shirt and blue tie Shades of blue combined with off-white corduroy. Simple and refined from a distance, interesting and catchy on closer inspection. Finding balance is not only about colors. In fact playing with colors is pretty easy. If you just remember to keep the combinations simple. But one way to take your outfits to the next level is to learn how to find balance between different materials and textures. First of all remember to make sure that the fabrics you combine are more or less the same weight. Combining heavy tweeds with lightweight linen rarely works. But this does not mean that the fabrics should all be exactly the same kind. Lardini checked blazer with blue grenadine tie and denim shirt

Checked sport coat with denim shirt and blue tie

Here I took the denim shirt and combined it with the silk-linen sport coat. And the grenadine tie ties these two together. Finally I chose to wear the off-white corduroy slacks. Some might say that corduroy as a material is meant to be worn during fall and winter season. But again, by choosing a light off-white shade and combining it with the right seasonal pieces, the result is in fact more than appropriate to wear on spring weekend. In addition, just by changing the shirt to light blue lightweight oxford this attire would be appropriate to wear at the office as well. This Lardini sport coat is my personal favorite for spring and summer. And it fits me like a glove. Lardini prince of wales checkd sport coat Dark blue grenadine tie with blue pocket square Checked sport coat details - blue wool pocket square with burgundy borders Checked sport coat details - dark blue tie with denim shirt and checked jacket  

Field jacket with sport coat - weekend casual

Choosing the right kind of overcoat can sometimes be challenging. But there are two alternatives that are in general recommendable especially for casual occasions. The first one is the classic rain mac and the second one is the M65 field jacket. This time I wanted to make the ensemble a bit more casual and therefore I went for a classic M65 jacket. Combining this kind of attire featuring sport coat and dressed-up slacks with field jacket is actually quite a #menswear-choice. For example at Pitti Uomo you can see multiple combinations implementing the same idea. I would not wear this jacket to work but otherwise it ranks very high on my list. A classic which is always fashionable. So when you combine the field jacket with a sport coat and tie you get an attire which is somewhere in between casual and dressed-up. m65 field jacket with checked sport coat and blue grenadine tie Army green m65 field jacket with white trousers m65 field jacket with denim shirt and white trousers

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