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Brown knit tie - one of most versatile neckties

In terms of accessories there are few pieces that are ultimate choices in terms of versatility. Knitted ties are one of them. Traditionally knit silk ties have a casual character. However nowadays formal dress codes have changed and you have more room to express your individual style. Today taking a look at how to wear brown knit tie for different occasions. align="alignnone" Chocolate brown knit tie with blazer detailsHow to wear brown silk knit tie with blazerChocolate brown knit tie with blazer and striped shirtBrown silk knitted tie and wool pocket squareHow to wear brown knit tie with suitBrown knit tie with suit and striped shirtChocolate brown knit tie with suit Never use windsor knot with knit ties. Or any other ties. Instead try a four-in-hand or a half-windsor. WIth knitted tie I prefer the latter.

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