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DLA ties and pocket squares - collection online

DLA ties and pocket squares are now restocked! And there is a new pocket square design, so check them out! The 6-piece selection of accessories includes ties and pocket squares, all hand-made in a small family-run factory in Northern Italy. At this week we finally got the new ties and pocket squares from our factory to the warehouse. And now they are all available again. Therefore I decided to update the post from July when we launched the collection for the first time.  And there is more to come. The first DLA shirts will be on shop soon, and I can tell you that they are great. align="alignnone" DLA ties - grey wool tie with blue suitDLA selfie - brown tie with light blue shirtDLA ties - navy blue grenadine tie with grey suitdla-kullervo-pocket-square-details Folding the new DLA "Kullervo" pocket square. TO THE SHOP!

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