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Double-breasted windowpane suit - oatmeal and shades of brown

Double-breasted windowpane suit is a versatile choice for any businessman. If you wear it with a white shirt and a tie, it is appropriate for any business meeting. But if you combine it with some refined knitwear, you have a perfect laid-back casual Friday attire.  I have written about this particual suit earlier a couple of times. Therefore in this post I will just give you one quick example how to wear this kind of double-breasted windowpane suit. You will find links to the older posts in the end of this post. Here you will also see a glimpse of the new DLA "kullervo" pocket square which will soon be available. double-breasted-windowpane-suit-with-white-shirt-and-brown-tie Double-breasted windowpane suit with white shirt and the new DLA "kullervo" pocket square.

Double-breasted windowpane suit and white shirt - simple combination

Windowpane suit is a good choice for any man who is looking for a versatile patterned suit. With versatility in this case I mean that windowpane is a pattern that is appropriate to wear in many occasions. You can wear it for formal business meetings and you can wear it casually in the office with a roll neck sweater. However I personally think that windowpane is at its best when you wear it as full suit. For example pulling off windowpane patterned trousers with plain sport coat is quite tough. And I personally don't like to wear that kind of combinations. On the other hand the jacket I could easily wear with some dark colored denim for example. In general it is always easier to wear patterned jackets with plain trousers than the other way round. double-breasted-windownpane-suit-with-spread-collar-shirt Windowpane suit is at its best when you wear it as a full suit. Here I chose to wear the suit in a very simple way. With white spread collar shirt, brown herringbone tie and chestnut colored oxford shoes. In my opinion this is an outfit that I could wear at work anytime. If I would be going to more formal meeting I would change the shoes to dark brown oxfords and wear a white tv-fold pocket square. double-breasted-windowpane-suit-with-dla-pocket-square  

Brown linen tie with the double-breasted flannel suit

As you know I always keep saying that you need to keep the balance in terms of what you wear. The balance between the fabrics, colors, materials and textures. And combining flannel wool and linen in the same outfit might get you to think that are those two really in balance. And can you really wear linen ties with flannel suits. My answer is that yes you can, in some cases. Then there are cases that you can't do that. You need to make the decision and judgement case by case. Here the tie I am wearing is a brown herringbone patterned linen tie. The shirt is made of quite soft cotton cloth and the pocket square is made of wool-silk mixture. So altogether the combination here mixes multiple different kinf of fabrics and weights. But as you can see, the textures are still all in balance. Even if you would take a closer look. Of course this combination could be finished with a brown cashmere or wool tie.  And that would be more orthodox-approach to this issue. dla-kullervo-pocket-square-with-double-breasted-windowpane-suit

DLA "Kullervo" pocket square

Then a couple of words about the pocket square. It is a new addition to our line of DLA pocket squares. The illustration is again a painting by Akseli Gallen-Kallela and inspired by the legendary Finnish Epic Kalevala. The name of the painting is "Kullervo herding his wild Flocks" and as named, it features "Kullervo", one of the main characters of Kalevala. However the most remarkable thing about the pocket is again the soft texture and beautiful colors which are easy to combine with shades of brown or gray for example. As you can see here with this kind of square you bring that little piece of color to your outfit but still keep it restrained and simple. You will soon see more about this pocket square and it will also be available for grabs soon. dla-kullervo-pocket-square-details

Light brown oxford shoes with double-breasted windowpane suit

The shoes I wear here are one of my favorites. And one of the oldest pairs in my rotation. The oxfords are made by Alfred Sargent and the pair is from their Exclusive-line. I know there are many who think that light brown or chestnut colored shoes are not really appropriate for business wear. And even though I understand that approach, I don't personally feel the same way. Of course as I mentioed above, if I would have some more serious and formal meeting, I would go for very dark brown colored shoes. In case I would wear this suit. brown-adelaide-oxford-shoes-with-windowpane-suit-alfed-sargent-moore But in terms of normal office wear and normal business casual style, I think this color is actually quite perfect. And if you want to add a little bit of character to your light brown or chestnut colored shoes, try to polish them with burgundy or dark brown wax a few times. This will make them age very nicely. double-breasted-windowpane-suit Finally a tip for those who want to dress down their windowpane or some other double-breasted suit. Wear it with a roll neck sweater. I will try to that during the next couple of weeks and then come up with a post showcasing how to pull off that option. And if you want to read more about windowpane suits, check out these posts:

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