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I've been writing about the upcoming change for quite a few times during the last couple of months but now it is real and DLA has got a new layout and facelift.

As you can see, the new site is now up and running. I wanted to drop the tumblr as the main platform for the blog as I personally think it does not fit the purpose of the site and my posts anymore. The new DLA-site is still under construction and there will be some changes - a few minor things coming up sooner and then some bigger changes coming up later on. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for improvements - please be kind and let me know. I hope this site as it is will be easier and more pleasant to read and follow than my earlier tumblr-page.

And if you have been reading the blog via tumblr, don't worry. The page there will still be kept alive and I will post updates of new posts there as well. Although it will serve more as a inspirational board in the future.

As most of you know, DLA was founded in 2011 to serve as my own inspirational-board. Today the blog has become a source of inspiration for quality-conscious men around the world who are interested in menswear, style and being well-dressed. Despite the short breaks there has been recently, I guarantee that there is some inspiring and surprising stuff coming up. In terms of writing and new content I will try and come up with two or three new posts per week, sometimes maybe more. Although fall and winter season here in the north is cold and dark which brings its own challenges for posting. But don't worry I am not quitting and I'm not going anywhere, so stay tuned.

In the future I will more concentrate on the way I think about style and how one should improve his own way of dressing well. And how to make that - easily and naturally. As I have said, my personal style is guided by three points: quality, fit and aesthetics and I live my life by the phrase "Whatever you wear, dress to kill". That's what DLA has always been about and that's what it will be about in the future.

So I am back on track. Gray double-breasted suit by rose&bornGray double-breasted suit with a gray tie Wool tie by Berg&Berg - details How to wear a double-breasted suit

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