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Eliel's- high-quality shoes for men and women in Helsinki

Last fall Helsinki finally got the first retail shop concentrating purely on high-quality men's footwear. In terms of men's shoes Eliel's Boutique has quickly taken its place as the number one store in town. Main reason for this is the man behind the store. Johan seems to have a real interest and desire to get Finnish men and women to understand, why you should invest in your shoes. And why you need to take good care of them. I haven't yet made any orders at Eliel's. But I've already had many of current pairs taken care of by Johan. As I recently wrote a brief review about the selection and store for, I thought to come up with short preview and pictures here as well. align="alignnone" Eliel's Helsinki - Crockett&Jones chukka bootsLaszlo Vass. If that happens, the selection is starting to be quite perfect for a small Finnish retail store. Although I need to say that I'm personally not that big fan of Sanders shoes. And based on my discussions with Johan, it might be that the brand could actually be replaced by another. But we will see what happens in the future and what that brand might be. [gallery link="file" columns="2" size="large" ids="äsityötä-ja-laadukasta-palvelua.jpg,Handmade leather belts by Johan.,,Frank Clegg portfolio briefcase.,,Saphir shoecare products.,äsintehtyjä-vöitä.jpg,Belts and gloves in shades of brown."]

Saint Crispin's - top notch handmade footwear

Saint Crispin's is simpy one of the best shoe brands in the world. In terms of quality, design and finish Saint Crispin's shoes are ranked among the top tier on the market. Especially details and design are things that distinguishes them compared to for example the best British manufacturers. To learn more about the brand, check out the earlier article and interview "Saint Crispin's - handmade shoes with utmost quality".

Crockett&Jones - iconic and classic models

However, probably the best-selling shoe at Eliel's now and in the future, is Crockett & Jones. And C&J is in my opinion a succesfull and good choice by Johan. In fact, Crockett&Jones actually have a pair nearly in every model category that I could consider wearing. Or which I could recommend for someone looking for advice while trying to find a new pair of shoes. Or what do you think, how does these model names sound? Lowndes, Cavendish, Coniston, Grasmere, Hallam, Pembroke or Tetbury.  All these are highly recognized and approved models among menswear aficionados. And let me say this, if  you are looking for the iconic cap-toe Oxford, take a look at C&J handgrade 337 last. You just can't really find a more beautiful last in the same price range. The most recent addition to the selection is French Paraboot. Especially if you're looking for more casual footwear, this is definitely a brand worth to check out. The models such as Avoriaz, Michael and Chambord are classics in their own league. Eliel's Helsinki - Carmina double monks with denim and checked sport coatEliel's Helsinki - selection from Crockett&Jones, Carmina, Paraboot and Frank CleggEliel's Helsinki - Tarkk'ampujankatu 4 Eliel's - go and visit. Pictures by Juha Kortesalo.

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