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Outfit of the week - three favorite suits

Everyone of us has a certain rotation of clothes. You might have multiple suits in your wardrobe but some of them you use more often than the others. Most often you use the garments that you like the most. That's just rational. You use the suits, jackets, shirt and accessories that are your favorites.

Naturally I have favorites in my rotation as well. And for this post I chose three suits. Three suits that are actually my favorite suits at the moment. Two of them are made-to-measure pieces from Sauma and the third one is an mtm-order from Herrainpukimo.

My favorite suits - cotton suit with denim shirt

One of my personal favorite outfits for casual Friday is the Camel colored cotton suit with denim shirt.

I have written earlier about all of these suits multiple times, so here I concentrate more just to the outfits you see. And you'll find the links to those earlier posts on the text, so that you can check them out as well.

Cotton suit with denim shirt

The first one is my camel colored cotton suit. Especially for summer season it's a perfect choice. As I've said before, cotton suit is probably one of the most casual expressions of a suit possible. And that makes it appropriate for many kind of occasions from summer weddings to casual Fridays at the office. In terms of color the camel or tobacco is a good option as it's suitable for many different skin types.

Favorite suits - camel colored cotton suit with DLA denim shirt

Camel colored cotton with DLA denim. And my favorite painting on our bedroom wall.

Here you can see that I combined the suit with the DLA denim shirt. This is actually the combination I wear most often when I choose to wear this suit. The camel colored cotton and the washed denim fabric are a perfect pair. The weight of the fabrics as well as the textures are in balance without a doubt. In general I suggest to pair your cotton suits and sport coats with denim or lightweight and soft oxford fabrics.

Favorite suits - Soft washed denim shirt with camel colored cotton suit details

Casual yet refined combination for summer.

In most days I wear a suit or sport coat and a tie for work. At least every day when I have meetings or some other occasions outside the office. But for the more casual days, as I've said before you don't need to be so formal. And if you are looking for something casual and relaxed but something that is still dressed-up and refined, go for cotton and denim. And when you leave the tie out, it also makes it easier to undress your suit jacket. Cotton slacks and denim shirt, that works.

Favorite suits - shades of light brown, blue and pink.

Shades of light brown, blue and pink.  

Shades of gray & Symposium

The second of my most worn suits at the moment is the light gray mtm wool suit by Vaatturiliike Sauma. In my opinion a light gray suit is appropriate for most business and work related occasions. Especially for spring, summer and early fall seasons lightweight and light gray wool suit is a versatile piece that can be modified to fit multiple different purposes. Since last summer when I ordered this one, it has become a standard piece in my rotation.

Favorite suits - light gray wool suit with gray wool tie

The light gray wool suit with striped shirt and gray wool tie.

Favorite suit with the favorite tie

Gray suit with gray tie. When you go for this kind of combination you naturally need to make sure there is enough contrast and difference between the shades of gray. Here as you can see, the suit is quite light gray and the DLA gray wool tie is a bit darker. In my opinion this combination is appropriate for any kind of business occasions. Then you can quite easily dress it up or down with the shirt and pocket square choices.

Favorite suits - Gray lightweight wool suit with button-down shirt and DLA gray wool tie

Shades of gray, blues and some burgundy.

For the most formal meetings you naturally choose the white shirt and white linen pocket square. But if you want to dress down your office outfit a little notch, do like I've done here. Choose a striped shirt. Or go for a button-down collar. Or do both of these.

Favorite suits - DLA symposium pocket square with the gray suit and gray wool tie

The Symposium. I'm of course a little bit biased when I talk about my own products and the DLA line. But on the on the other hand, we have worked hard with them and I couldn't be happier with the result and our selection so far.  And if you are looking for a versatile pocket square to wear for business or for casual occasions, the Symposium is the square you need.

Favorite suiits - DLA gray wool tie with light gray suit and striped shirt

My favorite tie with my favorite tie knot. Double four-in-hand with double dimple.

Brown wool and floral prints

The third choice for this set is the brown herringbone wool suit by Herrainpukimo. Since January it might be the suit I have worn most. It is the perfect business suit. But it is also a suit I can modify for more casual needs.

Favorite suit - brown herringbone suit with floral tie and wool-silk pocket square

The brown suit with floral print tie.

One factor or feature that combines these suits, is the model and details of the trousers. I like my trousers with a bit higher waist and with pleats. All of these feature both. It is not easy to find trousers like these as ready-to-wear options and therefore most of my suits nowadays I buy as made-to-measure orders. Actually just this week I got the newest suit from Herrainpukimo. The suit features exactly the same details than this one but it is made of dark blue Loro Piana birds eye wool fabric. Review of that suit is coming up. But I believe that will take place as fourth favorite in my rotation.

Favorite suits - brown herringbone wool with floral print silk and white poplin cotton

An outfit for casual business occasions.

Sum up - find your favorites

The reason for this post is just simply remind that it is good to have favorites. I personally have rather wide wardrobe. I have multiple suits and sport coats. But whenever I need to feel the most confident or the most relaxed and assured, I have those certain pieces I go for.

Building up a wardrobe can take years. This is good to keep in mind because accepting that fact gives you time to select items that are priced in accordance with your budget. It also gives you time to develop and refine your style. And it gives you time to find your favorites.

Build your wardrobe piece by piece and understand that style can evolve and change. Don't even try to get everything at once but start with the basics and go step by step further. And when you find those things you really like and enjoy to wear, keep them in your rotation. That's how you will end up having a wardrobe that represents your personal style and features pieces you want to wear.

Favorite suits - details of brown suit and blue printed floral tie

Finding favorites helps you to build your wardrobe.

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