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Outfit of the week - field jacket with a roll neck sweater and denim

Field jacket with roll neck sweater and denim is a classic combination. It is almost as classic and essential attire than the navy blue suit with a white shirt and gray tie. Naturally they are just meant for pretty different kind of occasions. 

It's been again a couple of weeks without "outfit of the week"-post but I will try to keep them coming. So this week the attire is something more casual. Something that is perfect for the chilly but still sunny fallweekends.

Field jacket with roll neck sweater and denim

Field jacket with denim and a roll neck sweater is something I wear pretty often. Actually I think this is one of the best outfits a man can wear for a casual day. A perfect choice for the weekends for example. And one of the best features of this kind of kit is that it is in fact casual. But it is also very easily editable. Especially if you choose a lighter roll neck, you can wear a sport coat as a layer under the sport coat. And with the sport coat the attire is in fact almost something that you could describe as smart casual.

Army green field jacket with knitwear and denim

Lighter and heavier fabrics together - playing with the textures

It is often said that the weight of different garments of your outfit should be in balance. And that they should be pretty much the same. So you shouldn't wear lightweight fabrics such as linen together with heavier fabrics such as tweeds. And in many cases this applies. For example I don't recommend to wear a lightweight linen shirt or tie with a heavy flannel suit.

Drakes D43 field jacket with chunky knitwear

But sometimes you can combine heavier and lighter garments together. And still keep the outfit in balance. The Drake's D43 field jacket you see in the pics is made of linen. So it is mainly made for warmer months of the year. On the other hand the heavier and quite chunky roll neck sweater is made of lambs and yak wool. It is very warm and at its best when the temperature drops. Still there are days when these two are a perfect match for each other.

how to wear field jacket with knitwear

This fall has been quite warm here in Helsinki. The mornings might be a bit cold but the days have still been sunny and quite warm. For these kind of days these two pieces made a great pair. The chunky roll neck keeps you warm so that you don't need or want to wear a thick overcoat. Instead I chose the lightweight linen jacket. And as the linen fabric of the jacket is in fact quite sturdy, the textures of these pieces are still perfectly in balance.

And what would be a better choice of trousers than the dark blue denim slacks. I don't have here a close-up shot of the fabric but in my opinion the deep blue color and the slightly faded texture of the denim fabric in fact tie the whole attire together.

Dark blue denim with field jacket and knitwear 

Sum up - what did I wear

Then a short sum-up of the pieces I wore for the attire. As already mentioned the D-43 field jacket is made by Drake's London. Since I bought it last fall, it has been one of my most worn outerwear pieces. Probably I still have a few weeks left to wear it before I need to put it in storage for the winter.

The roll neck sweater is from Massimo Dutti. Massimo Dutti is in fact a store where I don't usually nowadays make any finds as in my opinion the quality of their garments is not that high. But this sweater has been a great find. It is warm, chunky in the right way and it fits me perfectly.

The denim slacks are from Finealta. As also already mentioned, still after years one of my favorite pairs. And versatile as hell. You can wear them in a casual kit like this or you can easily pair them with a button-up shirt, tie and sport coat. Check out an example of that from here. The classic white leather sneakers are made by CQP and the bag by Mismo.

Finally, if you want to take a look at another field jacket with roll neck sweater combination, you can take a loo at the post about my M59 field jacket. Or if you want to see how to wear this kind of heavier roll neck in a more dressed-up set-up, check out the chunky roll neck sweater with a suit post from last spring.


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