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Fur collar - easy way to change the look of your overcoat

In terms of menswear and clothing in general fur is one of the things that divides opinions. Some people hate it and some people love it. In this post I take a brief look at fur collars. In my opinion fur collar is a great and easy option to change the look of your existing overcoat. And it also makes the jacket more luxorius. In this post I don't go into the question about the ethics of fur or raising animals for fur. To put it shortly, I am aware of and realize all the problems involved. And when it comes to my own purchases I prefer buying second hand or vintage fur. But in this post I concentrate on the aesthetics of fur collars and how to pull them off . align="alignnone" Wearing my blue lardini wool overcoat with fur collar at the Marker Hall of Tamperenavy-blue-double-breasted-overcoat-with-chalk-stripe-suitBlue wool overcoat with fur collar made of fox fur.double-breasted-overcoat-with-fur-collar Double-breasted overcoat with fur collar, blue chalk stripe suit, white shirt and gray tie - ideal outfit for any business meeting.

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