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Gabucci Stockholm fall and winter 2015

Gabucci - located in the city center of Stockholm - can justifiably claim to be one of the best menswear-stores in Scandinavia. Today taking a look of their new selection and look book for fall and winter season.

Gabucci - high-quality menswear in Stockholm

The store was originally founded in 1994 and a couple of years ago this family-owned business moved to bigger place in Nybrogatan. Today Gabucci carries a selection of brands that will last in comparison with almost any other men's clothing store in the world featuring names such as Cesare Attolini, Loro Piana, Finamore and Bontoni. In addition to classic and more formal clothing Gabucci also carries a wide selection of brands and pieces showcasing the best of casual wear on the market, presenting labels like Incotex, Herno, Aspesi, Boglioli, Lardini, Saucony and The GIGI.
Gabucci fall and winter 2015 - 4
As can be seen from the names listed above, almost all brands and clothing Gabucci carries come from Italy. According to Bob Tavakoli, the founder of Gabucci their aim is to select and sell products representing their own vision of good style and at the same time feature brands representing the best possible quality, style and craftsmanship at the selected price range. Based on the range and brands it could be said that Gabucci have managed pretty well to achieve their goes in this matter. It is also worth mentioning that nowadays one can find selection by some of the same brands for women as well by Gabucci Donna, a subsidiary store opened in Stockholm by Gabucci a couple of years ago.
And then a little closer look of that look book for this season. Gabucci fall and winter 2015 - 2

A suit combined with t-shirt is nowadays totally appropriate when done in a right way. For fall take a nice merino or lambswool crewneck sweater to customize the combination to be appropriate for the season.

Gabucci fw 2015 lookbook

For the look book featuring products from the range for upcoming fall and winter season Gabucci has again – for forth time in a row – teamed up with Mr. Lalle Johnson and photographer Kalle Gustafsson. Unlike previous studio shoots this time Gabucci has decided to take their shoot outdoors for the first time and due that the focus on the look book is especially on outer garments. And as said by themselves, the main focus is also on simplicity. The look book and garments featured are less about color and patterns and more on materials and fit. In general it gives inspiration on how to make simple combinations and garments as versatile as possible. I have earlier (while writing about Loro Piana’s new collection for this fall and winter) used a term called “Italian minimalism”. When looking at the elegant and inspiring mix of formal and casual clothing presented at this look book, I can’t help it that the term is something in my opinion describes the style of Gabucci pretty much perfectly. All in all this is how it should be done.

Gabucci fall and winter 2015 - 1

Between formal and casual – double-breasted suit and contrast collar shirt combined with a casual overcoat.

Gabucci fall and winter 2015 - 3

This shearling overcoat will for sure keep you warm during those cold fall and winter days.

Gabucci fall and winter 2015 - 5

Restrained colors and simple combinations, yet effective result. There are still days left to go without socks.

Gabucci fall and winter 2015 - 7

“Winter whites”. As lightweight cotton slacks can be a bit too thin and “summerish” to wear for fall, try corduroy instead. By choosing the right materials you can go even for colors that otherwise are usually associated with warmer months.

Gabucci fall and winter 2015 - 8

If looking for an overcoat, a subtle herringbone is a good choice for pattern. It gives a nice texture but still keeps the coat suitable for formal combinations.

Gabucci fall and winter 2015 - 9

What about field jacket – made of distressed leather?

Gabucci fall and winter 2015 - 10

Off-white x blue - combination for all seasons.

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