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Burgundy accessories

Today talking about burgundy accessories. In terms of ties, pocket squares burgundy is a great choice to complement the selection of blue, gray and brown tones. It is also an appropriate color for business wear. When it comes to menswear burgundy is in my opinion an undervalued color. Although recently it has made its way into the hearts and closets of many men. The color burgundy is very reminiscent of the color of red wine which is a deep, dark, warm and reddish color. First of all burgundy is a nice color for the cold seasons like fall and winter. But is also appropriate choice for spring and summer. And one of the best things about wearing burgundy is that it suits most skin colors. Anyone and everyone can quite easily pull it off. align="alignnone" How to wear burgundy accessories - Dark blue Caruso suit with striped shantung tie How to wear burgundy accessories? Caruso blue wool suit with striped shantung tie and lightweight wool pocket square.

Burgundy accessories for business wear

When I talk or write about business wear I usually concentrate to colors like blue, gray and brown. And as I have said many times, a man could and should actually build his wardrobe around these colors. But of course every now and then it is good to have some contrast in your outfits. Usually that is done by using different kind of accessories. For that burgundy is a good choice. It is a restrained and versatile option that is easy to pair with the colors mentioned above. It is also a color that does not pop out too aggressively. Burgundy is a color that can bring variation and depth to your business  as well as other outfits. And when you choose a burgundy tie, I recommend to go for other material than solid and plain silk. Try grenadine, shantung or cashmere for example. By combining the depth of the color and the vibrancy of these materials you will get the best result. And of course remember to keep the balance between the materials of your jacket, shirt and accessories. In terms of pocket squares it is best to use burgundy as a contrast color. White linen or cotton pocket square with burgundy borders is definitely appropriate and safe option. In fact that kind of a square you can use with suits and sport coats no matter if they are blue, gray or brown. And no matter if they feature a pattern or not. Another option is to choose a pocket square with off-white or dark blue ground color and burgundy pattern. Or take a pocket square with burgundy as ground color and blue or even purple pattern. This kind of squares are a bit more difficult to combine but a good choice if you want to add a little bit of contrast to otherwise simple and restrained outfit.

Can I wear burgundy socks?

I'm not usually fond of colorful socks. Most of my own socks are dark blue. But burgundy or wine red makes an exception. In my opinion burgundy socks can even be worn with suits and more formal odd trousers. For example, if you want to bring some little color to your office attire, try this. Wear you dark gray flannel suit with light blue button-up shirt and navy blue tie. Pick a pocket square that features a hint of burgundy as a contrast color. Finally before you put on your dark brown calf leather dress shoes, take burgundy socks from your closet and complement the set with them. Burgundy accessories - navy blue wool suit with light blue shirt and burgundy tieBurgundy accessories - Berg&Berg shantung silk tie wiith Eton Shirt and Caruso suit

Burgundy striped tie with blue suit

Then a brief look to what I am wearing here. This is an outfit I could wear for almost any kind work meeting at the moment. Although for the most formal meetings I would probably wear socks. It is not hard to pair a burgundy tie with a navy blue suit. As you know, navy suit is safe play that goes almost with everything. The suit here is my old lightweight wool suit by Caruso. Still the oldest suit in my current rotation. When I talk about burgundy and burgundy accessories it does not mean that the tie or pocket square should be all plain and monochromatic. As you can see the tie I am wearing here is striped, featuring burgundy and cream color. And especially in terms of business wear striped ties are a good choice. I personally would in fact wear striped ties only for business wear. The tie is crafted from shantung silk which is known for its natural slubs that gives texture and a rustic feel to the tie. However this particular piece is made of quite smooth shantung silk.  Therefore it is not as robust as many other shantung ties. And as it is meant to be worn with suits and business-oriented sport coats, this is in my opinion a good thing. In fact from a distance you might not even recognize it to be made of shantung. The tie is handmade in Italy, untipped and features hand rolled edges. Those details, hand rolled edges and untipped finishing are two things I personally value and choose for almost all of my ties. The shirt is made of crisp poplin fabric with fine white and light blue stripes. The smooth texture and subtle pattern makes it perfect to combine with the plain business suit and that striped tie. From a distance the shirt looks as plain light blue but when you come closer you can see the pattern. The collar of the shirt is soft as it features only a light interlining. Once again, soft collarts are i my opinion something you should look, even for your business shirt. This makes your shirts more versatile but it also gives even the most formal look a nice and relaxed touch. Finally the shoes. I chose to wear my black calf leather tassel loafers. One thing worth to notice is that in Finland tassel loafers are considered as a casual choice. There ain't many who would think that tassel loafers are appropriate for business wear. However if you think about classic American business dress, tassel loafers are a staple choice to wear at the office. In fact if I would put socks on and wear white button-up shirt instead of that light blue one, this outfit could be described as an appropriate CBD (=conservative business dress) attire. So don't be afraid of wearing black tassel loafers. They are still a classic choice. Burgundy accessories - fully appropriate for business wear Burgundy accessories - striped shantung tie and double FiH-knot Burgundy accessories - wool pocket square with blue and burgundy details

Sum up - how to wear burgundy accessories

As a sum-up I wanted to highlight a few possible outfits to feature burgundy accessories. If you are not sure how it should be done, try some of these. Or tell me how you would use burgundy? Dark blue suit with black tassel loafers

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