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Navy chalk stripe suit - for business and casual wear

Some suit are suitable only for business or formal occasions. And some suits are more appropriate for casual use. But with the right choices you can have a suit that is appropriate for both. In this post I show briefly how you can wear your navy chalk stripe suit for different occasions. Or any other navy blue suit. I have said it earlier that wearing a pin stripe or chalk stripe suit, particularly blue, can showcase a very traditional look. But you can also make chalk stripes to be very fresh, restrained and modern. Before going further you can take a look at my earlier post about blue chalk stripe suit with grenadine tie. DLA how to wear navy chalk stripe suitnavy-chalk-stripe-suit-with-grenadine-tienavy-chalk-stripe-suit-with-sneakers Field jacket: Aspesi - Suit: Oscar Jacobsen - Wool polo shirt: Berg&Berg - Scarf: Drake's - Sneakers: CQP - Watch: Omega So as a sum-up, remember that it is also about matching the pieces of your outfit in balanced way. Pay attention to the details and keep the combionations simple. That way you can make even your navy chalk stripe suit appropriate for multiple occasions. And you see that you can wear it from formal business meetings to casual weekend parties.

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