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Blue jersey sport coat with corduroy trousers

If there ain't any particular reason, I personally don't really feel like wearing ties on my free time. Sometimes however there are occasions where you need go for "smart casual"-look. Even though you would not have to. Today I show you how to do it by combining blue jersey sport coat with corduroy trousers.

The term "smart casual" can be interpreted in various ways. The definition can change, depending on several factors, including geography, climate, culture, and of course the nature of occasion. In terms of business wear, however, the "smart casual" dress code is a step up from "business casual," but not as formal as "boardroom attire." It's neat and professional €” but still informal. When it comes to parties, the key in this dress code is a chic, put-together ensemble. For smart casual you can combine elements from other dress codes, such as a nice pair of dark wool slacks with a button-down shirt and sport coat. Blue jersey sport coat with corduroy trousers - Lardini double-breasted wool overcoat

Smart casual - dark blue jersey sport coat and off-white corduroy trousers

In my book smart casual is something that's sharp and chic but still not too dressed up considering the occasion.  In this post I show you one way to execute a nice and relaxed smart casual outfit. First of all I chose to wear a dark blue jersey sport coat combined with light blue button-down shirt. I paired them with off-white corduroy trousers and chocolate brown knitted tie and wool pocket square. But I will start with the overcoat. Rose&Born navy blazer and corduroy trousers

Lardini dark blue overcoat

The dark blue wool overcoat I wear here is made by Italian Lardini. Thanks to the versatility, it's my favorite piece of outerwear . As you can see, it is perfect to combine with suits, sport coats and ties. But I can also use it more casually, with denim and more chunky roll necks for example. One thing that is good to remember though is that a double-breasted overcoat is always more  formal than a single-breasted jacket. Therefore if you want something even more simple, go for single-breasted options.

Just to mention, I know there are people who don't like the idea of wearing pocket squares with overcoats, Personally I see that there are pocket squares that are appropriate for that kind of use. Those little pocket squares made of wool are surely a good choice as they are not too flashy or loud. But if you don't like one, don't wear one. Remember that there's no obligation to wear pocket square. Not with your overcoat, not with your sport coat.

Blue jersey sport coat with corduroy trousers - Lardini dark blue wool overcoat with wool pocket square

Blue sport coat with winter white trousers

When you wear an outfit like this, pay attention to the construction, details and materials of the jacket. In general a blue blazer and light colored trousers is a simple combination. But for example a very boxy navy flannel blazer with medal buttons, heavy structure and shoulder padding would definitely make this outfit too formal. On the other hand an unstructured jersey sport coat made of cotton-wool-mixture fabric with patch pockets is casual and relaxed choice. Even though it is still a sport coat.

Once again I come to the positive aspects of versatile pieces that you can combine with different kind of garments and different kind of accessories. The jacket I wear here is bought from Rose&Born in Stockholm in 2015. It is a model from fall and winter collection but thanks to the fabric and lack of lining, it can be used virtually around the year. Blue jersey sport coat with corduroy trousers - Rose&Born dark blue blazer and knitted tie

Off-white corduroy trousers with blue blazer

Trousers I wear here are also from Rose&Born. I believe corduroy is not one of those materials that are very popular among menswear enthusiastics at the moment. And I don't really remember when I last owned trousers like this myself. But corduroy is a good choice in case you are looking for something that's in between formal and casual. Corduroy trousers can be combined with knitwear and with not only wool but also cotton sport coats. They are easy to dress up or down depending what kind of a look you are after.

Brown knitted tie - smart and casual choice

And finally, what would be more smart casual or "dressed up casual" than knitted ties. Well maybe shantung or cashmere ties. But for a combination nice this a knitted tie is a perfect choice. It is on pair with the button-down shirt and corduroy trousers in terms of formality. And it matches perfectly the texture of the blue jersey sport coat. Blue jersey sport coat with corduroy trousers - brown silk knitted tie details Blue jersey sport coat with corduroy trousers - pocket square details

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