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Light gray suit with orange accessories

Printed silk ties are usually at their best when you wear them for business. However you can also wear them in more relaxed occasions. For example when you head out for a casual dinner.

This post is a throwback to our short trip to Sopot in Poland. We stayed at the beautiful Grand Sofitel hotel where also these shots have been taken. If you are looking for a nice place to relax for a few days, I can definitely recommend Sopot. Not much cultural places to visit, but a great location for a short getaway. And if you happen to like good food, multiple nice restaurants to visit.

Light gray suit with orange accessories - Suit and tie by Vaatturilike Sauma with DLA white oxford shirt

I have written about this suit earlier, so this post mainly about the pictures. To read more about the suit you can check the articles gray suit with navy grenadine tie and brown grenadine tie with a light gray suit.

Dinner outfit - Sopot edition

When you start to build an outfit you usually pick one garment or piece you want to wear. Then you start to think what would look good with it. Most of times I personally start with the suit or sport coat. Depending on the size and nature of your wardrobe there are different amount of options to choose from. Bu naturally when I travel I have to think these things and outfits beforehand as you can only travel with certain amount of clothes.

Light gray suit with orange accessories - at the terrace of Grand Sofitel Sopot

For this trip I took with me two different suits. Even though it was purely a vacation. Still I wanted that first of all I would have something a bit more dressy to wear for example for dinners. Also both of the suits I packed with me were suits that I can wear even with more casual pieces such as sneakers and polo shirts. This however is probably the most formal attire I wore during the trip. After all, it consists of a suit, white shirt and a tie.

Light gray suit with orange accessories - combining the shades of blue and gray with orange as an accent

The gray suit with orange accessories

As You might already know, orange is one my favorite colors. Especially when it comes to accessories. The logo of DLA features the color and maybe in the future you will see more orange in the DLA selection as well. Orange is an easy way to bring a little bit of contrast and accent into your outfit. And especially more deep and muted shades of orange works well with multiple different colors. The most usual way to wear orange is to pair it with blue. But the color also works with different shades of gray. Even with the light gray, as you can see here. And well, the blue is also involved as a part of the tie.

Light gray suit with orange accessories - floral print silk tie close-up and shoulder details

When you wear a light colored suit, try to avoid too bright contrast. Especially if you have a light skin tone. Therefore I personally prefer using a tie with a subtle main color with a contrasting pattern. Or a textured tie with muted and earthy color such as deep burgundy for example.

Light gray suit with orange accessories - tie up your tie details

The color of the tie I chose here is kind mixture of purple and dark blue. So in fact the contrast between the tie and suit is kind of graduated. The suit which is the lightest one is on the top. Then comes the blue and finally the contrasting orange. And this also gives the opportunity to wear an orange pocket square without making the whole outfit too much about the orange.

Light gray suit with orange accessories - tie details and double-pleats

Sum-up - attire details

The suit here is a made-to-measure piece by Vaatturiliike Sauma. And the cloth of the suit is a lightweight Fratelli Tallia di Delfino double-twist wool fabric. Due to the light gray color and light weight fabric the suit if made mainly for spring and summer use. Although I think that with a off-white or a navy blue roll neck sweater it is an appropriate choice for early fall season as well. The tie is also from Sauma's private label collection. It is very lightweight and unlined. Actually I would say that it is even a bit too lightweight which makes tying the tie a bit difficult. Also it takes a bit more time for the tie to get back in the shape after wear. But it does make a nice knot.

The shirt is the white lightweight DLA oxford shirt and the orange pocket square is from Viola Milano. Shoes are again my favorite tassel loafers by Crockett&Jones.

Light gray suit with orange accessories - the full body shot

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