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Long sleeve polo shirt - versatility with wool

Today taking a look at long sleeve polo shirt. If you are looking for something casual to diversify your wardrobe, polo shirt is a good option for that. Recently long sleeved polo shirts have become more and more popular. And definitely for a reason. During the last few seasons many brands and suppliers have brought a long sleeve polo shirt to their selection. Recently after talking with Mathias from Berg&Berg I ended up picking up three different polo shirts from their selection to see how they are. Starting here with the gray long sleeve merino wool polo shirt which have quickly become my favorite from the bunch.

Navy blazer with long sleeve merino wool polo shirt
Gray long sleeve wool polo shirt with blue sport coat
For casual evenings on terrace or for short walks in the city one does not always need to wear a jacket. And for those kind of occasions a polo shirt made of merino wool is a good choice.


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