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Wednesday inspiration - M-65 Field jacket

M-65 field jacket is one of those pieces one can call as a menswear-essential. And for a reason.The M-65 jacket is in fact an iconic part of men’s fashion. As the spring keeps coming it is time to take your field jacket out of the closet. Field jacket - tommy ton for GQ

As many other overcoats the M-65 field jacket has it’s roots in the military. Despite that fact I am personally more fond of a bit more modern (slimmer cut) versions of the model. The classic M-65 design has four front pockets and a funnel neck with zip out hood, just in case you should find yourself caught in an unpredicted, light shower. Usually the jacket also features a pull-in cinch at the waist to give you a more defined shape. In the first place the M-65 was produced in nylon/cotton sateen fabric (NYCO) that was built to meet the demands of battlefields. Today one can find jackets made of multiple different materials ranging from pure cotton to wool, nylon or even leather.

If you are looking for a field jacket, check at least AspesiTen C and in case you’re looking for something a bit more traditional – American Alpha Industries.

My personal favorite piece for the season is a version made by Visvim. The jacket is sulphur-dyed and has been put through the brand's own 'damage' process for a vintage look. Thanks to the clean silhouette the M-65 field jacket is incredibly versatile. First of all it works perfectly combined for example with casual elements such as denim and a basic sweatshirt. On the other hand the same jacket can be worn over a suit or a sport coat without a doubt.

Below are two alternative attires to showcase the versatility of field jacket. Field jacket with a suit

Field jacket combined with a blue suit and chelsea boots.

Field jacket combined casually

Visvim field jacket, gray sweatshirt and fitted denim.

Sum-up - Inspired by M-65 field jacket

As a sum-up a few pictures featuring field jackets in different kind of combinations. As you can see there are multiple different ways to combine the jacket. Only remember to keep the colors in balance.


And if you haven't yet read it, check also my post from last summer about wearing a camouflage patterned field jacket with light colored denim and sneakers.

Field jacket - Ezio ManciniField jacket - Man 1924Field jacket - Ralph LaurenField jacket with a suit Pics via The Sartorialist / Tommy Ton

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