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Meermin shoes for women

As said couple of times I don't often post anything about womens style. But today I do. I thought I'd share some news from Mallorca as Meermin has recently been expanding their range of footwear for ladies as well. I was able to take a look of some of these models earlier this year at their Trunk Show held in Stockholm and now they are also available at their online store (see the post regarding the trunk show from here).

Meermin Mallorca for women

The women I know use basically either boots, high-heels or sneakers but rarely anything with goodyear-welted construction. One reason for that (at the same time keeping in mind the fact that it's probably impossible to make aesthetically pleasing high-heels with gw-construction) might be that most of the women shoes by manufacturers who are well-known for making high-quality shoes for men (especially the traditional English ones) look like their just "mini versions" of men's shoes or something that are not made for women under 50 years of age.

Maybe it's the colors or maybe it's the more petite lasts and shapes of the shoes but in general I like what Meermin has come up. These are not just shoes for business women or girls with "classic style" but something that can be used with more casual combinations such as jeans and a tank top or a sweater as well. There are four different models available at the moment (a double monk, brogue oxford with / without heels and a derby boot) and at least one (chelsea boot) coming up later on during the fall. The prices of shoes vary from 130 euros (shoes) to 165 euros (boots).

image image

There are also some more pictures at their instagram which you'll find from here. The forest green chelsea boot for example looks really great.


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