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Mid-gray flannel suit with cashmere tie - set for the fall

Fall season is on. That means heavier fabrics such as tweeds and flannels are also back in the game. When it comes to office wear and work related clothing it is fair to say mid-gray flannel suit is a safe bets and one of most versatile options there is. And if you want to take it a step further, wear your suit with cashmere tie.

The suit I am wearing here is my first ever made-to-measure suit. It was commissioned from Sauma a couple of years ago. The suit is made of mid-gray super 120s flannel by Vitale Barberis Canonico, single breasted with two buttons. Suit with cashmere tie - mid-gray flannel wool is a good choice for fall and winter

Gray wool and cashmere - perfect combination for the season.

Thanks to lightweight construction, soft shoulders and patch pockets the jacket and trousers can also be used as separates. This makes the suit even more versatile. And easier to combine. Still in my opinion it is at its best when worn as a full suit.

Gray suit with cashmere tie

Gray, blue and brown. I have written it multiple times, but when it comes to colors there really is no better combination than this mixture. In case you are thinking about getting a new flannel suit, mid-gray is a good fabric choice. Mid-gray is probably the most easiest shade of gray to combine with other colors. It is for example perfect to pair with different shades of blue. It is also appropriate not only for more formal business occasions. You can for sure wear mid-gray also for casual Fridays and after-work meetings.

Mid-gray wool flannel and blue cashmere

Usually when talking about seasonal rotation in terms of clothing the talk is about suits and jackets. Some times about knitwear. But you can also have seasonal changes in terms of accessories. Having seasonal ties is not in any case a must. There's definitely no problem wearing one's basic rotation of silk ties through the year. And that selection includes knit ties, grenadine ties and shantung for example.

However, having some seasonal additions is a good and easy way to make the selection a bit more lively and interesting. And as the weather keeps getting colder, in terms of ties you may want to look for warm colors and simple patterns with a bit more intense texture and "softer" fabrics. Suit with cashmere tie - mid-gray flannel and blue cashmereSuit with cashmere tie - Mid-gray flannel suit by Vaatturiliike Sauma My personal favorites for fall and winter ties are wool and cashmere. Cashmere is material which makes the tie in general a tad more luxurious. Usually cashmere ties come in solid & vivid colors. And as any piece of cashmere, ties made of it are comfortable to wear and soft to touch. All in all a nice change from the ordinary and also very chic. A cashmere tie combined with a nice and well-fitted flannel suit is an easy example of that everyday elegance every one of us is aiming for. Suit with cashmere tie - Textures of gray flannel and striped cashmereSuit with cashmere tie - Drake's London tie with brown and red stripes Crockett&Jones adelaide oxfords

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