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Office wardrobe basics - Suitsupply FW16

Summer vacations are over and most of you have already got back to work. For many that also means placing those casual summer combinations on hold and switching on more formal dress code for office hours. Suitsupply is often associated with those bold patterns, striking fabrics and diverse details choices. Today I take a look at Suitsupply FW16 collection. I pay attention especially to pieces that in my opinion are helpful and worth of note in case you are looking for to build your "office wardrobe basics". Office wardrobe basics for men - Suitsupply FW16 gray herringbone overcoat Office wardrobe basics for men - Suitsupply FW16 brown double-breasted overcoat For this post I have picked a few pieces from Suitsupply's new fall and winter collection. In general the Suitsupply FW16 collections seems to be build up of various layers and different fabrics. There is cashmere knitwear combined with checked jackets, three-piece suits with boots and refined overcoats combined with restrained and subtle trousers. Suitsupply has once again made a good job for the new season. They continue the work they are known for. They offer recommendable choices for anyone looking for to build up a wardrobe with decent quality suits and sport coats featuring a reasonable price tag.

Plain suits and jackets - Suitsupply FW16

First of all remember the ground rules. In case you only have one suit in your wardrobe, make sure that it fits you well, is dark in color and timeless in style. In terms of suits I personally prefer plain choices. I recommend that three first suits you buy should be plain. One reason to this is also that in case your rotation is small it easier to "blend in" and be versatile with plain suits and jackets. One point worth noting when talking about plain suits is the fact that they are easy to mix and match between each other. For example by buying a navy blue and grey suit you basically already have four different outfits to play.
  • blue suit
  • gray suit
  • blue jacket with gray trousers
  • gray jacket with blue trousers
When talking about plain suits and jackets it also good to keep in mind that choosing a plain colored suit or jacket does not mean that the fabrics should be totally lifeless. A little texture or a weave such as birdseye or very restrained herringbone can make a navy blue suit or a gray jacket to look very different. Office wardrobe basics for men - Suitsupply FW16 blue three-piece Lazio suit The Lazio model is one Suitsupply's best options for those who are looking for a basic suit for business with a reasonable price range. The model features notch lapels, slightly padded shoulders and flap pockets. There is no fuzz but a clean-cut and simple finish. Office wardrobe basics for men - Suitsupply FW16 dark gray Havana suit This Havana model is definitely one of the most versatile pieces there are on the collection for this fall. Both parts can be used as separates and you can easily dress the suit up or down. Office wardrobe basics for men - Suitsupply FW16 light gray Havana suit Are you looking for a suit for those colder winter days? In that case this light gray Havana-model suit in a bit heavier wool flannel by Ormezzano might be for you.

Pattern for business

Sometimes one need to go for a patterned suit or a sport coat. Many people choose to associate patterns with casual and weekend wear. However there are definitely appropriate patterns and combinations for business wear as well. In addition there are patterns such as pin- and chalk stripes that should actually be used almost only for business purposes. Keep in mind that you need to pay attention to the way you accessorize and combine different patterns.  In case wearing multiple patterns, varying the scale is probably the easiest way to ensure that nothing clashes. The scaling also depends on the fact how many different patterns you are wearing. I personally try to keep the amount of different patterns in one outfit always under four. When dressing-up for a business meeting I reduce the maximum amount of different patterns usually to two. So if the suit is patterned I go for a shirt without a pattern and then decide if there is a patterned tie or a pocket square appropriate for the occasion. Office wardrobe basics for men - Suitsupply FW16 windowpane Lazio suit Windowpane is good choice for a first patterned business suit. As the pattern is big and noticeable it is safe to keep the other parts of the outfit quite simple. Gray suit with brown tie and a white shirt is a safe combination that one can't go wrong with.
Office wardrobe basics for men - Suitsupply FW16 chalk striped Madison suit Strictly for business. This blue chalk-striped suit is for those meetings where you need to look as powerful and masculine as possible.

What to wear for casual office days?

A suit or a jacket can be appropriate only for business wear, only for casual wear or for both. Just pay attention to the fabric, structure and details of the jacket. If you are looking for a versatile piece that can be dressed up for business meetings or down for more casual office days and weekends it is best to avoid too shiny and subtle fabrics, excessive structure on the jacket and too bold or striking patterns. For casual occasions try to play with knitwear. For example roll neck sweater with a suit is a classic office casual combination. If you want to dress it down even more pair it with casual boots. By by changing the sweater for a little more refined merino wool roll neck can change the total look to be appropriate even for some business meetings. Office wardrobe basics for men - Suitsupply FW16 roll neck sweater with checked overcoat Suitsupply FW16 - Roll neck sweater with flannel trousers, sport coat and checked overcoat is a perfect combination for casual Fridays.
Office wardrobe basics - Suitsupply FW16 brown havana sport coat No brown in town is an old rule that does not really apply anymore. You can wear this brown wool sport coat with off-white flannel slacks or with some light colored denim. Combine for example with a light blue button-up shirt, a navy cashmere tie and dark brown suede shoes.

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