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Pitti Uomo 89 - day 1

First day of Pitti done. As a little sneak peek a few shots of what I wore for the first day and what we have seen.

For the first day I chose to wear a chalk striped suit by Tagliatore and striped shirt from Mastai Ferretti - combined with very simple dark blue cashmere tie, orange silk pocket square and black calf leather double monks. And well, then there is that white casentino wool overcoat by Lardini.

Pitti Uomo 89_day1 - tagliatore suit.jpg

Subtle chalk striped suit combined with blue cashmere tie.

Pitti Uomo 89_DLA_day1_lardini_overcoat

White casentino by Lardini.

Pitti Uomo 89_DLA_day1_alfred sargent shoes

These trousers need to be lengthened a few centimeters and after that they are perfect. The length in picture is appropriate for Pitti Uomo though.

Pitti Uomo 89_DLA_Arte bracelets

Coming up soon - DLA x ARTE Helsinki bracelets. Handmade in Helsinki.

Pitti Uomo 89_day1_Drakes London_DLA

Drake's London is always a must visit.

Pitti Uomo 89_day1_Drakes_London

Nice combination of purple and orange by Drake's.

Pitti Uomo 89_Day1_Lardini

As always - strong pattern play by Lardini.

Pitti Uomo 89_day1_LBM1911

L.B.M 1911 presentation - appropriate for business.

Pitti Uomo 89_day1_mismo

Mismo - simple, restrained and made with care. This is how it should be done.

Pitti Uomo 89_day1_tiger of sweden

Visited the Finnish crew at Tiger of Sweden. That double-faced shearling coat was cool.

Pitti Uomo 89_DLA_day1_fabric choices

Coming up - DLA. Going through some fabric choices for trousers.

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