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Pitti Uomo 89 - People and passion

It's again that time of the year. Time to pack the bags and head to Florence for Pitti Uomo. This time the week will be a bit different than earlier. This year we will take DLA one step further. Pitti Uomo 89 - getting ready

Many times people keep asking me what is Pitti Uomo? To put it shortly Pitti Uomo is the world's most important single event for anyone interested of men's clothing and accessories. It gathers together thousands and thousands of people working in the industry one way or another. For many it is full work and for many it's more fun and vacation. Brands come there to show their new collections. Buyers come to see what they like. Finally journalists and bloggers come to record and share all they see.

People also ask me why I do this. Why I travel to Florence twice a year? I started to write DressLikeA in 2011 and in June 2012 I visited Pitti Uomo for the first time. Since then I haven't miss a single season. And I would say that through these years there have been two things or reasons that have kept me going back season after season. Those two things are people and passion. People who are working in the industry. People who share the same passion for menswear, quality clothing and aesthetics. For me clothes I wear are a lot also about the people behind those garments. People behind the brands and stores who sell them. I like the feeling to know the story behind the garments I wear. For me Pitti Uomo is a place to see those people of which many have become very close friends of mine. Almost like a family.

Pitti Uomo 89 -  starting a new chapter

New year is always an opportunity to do something new. And this time €“ even though this is my 8th trip to Florence - at the same time it is my first one. This time I'm not only traveling to see old friends or to see new collections from different manufacturers. This time I'm going to Florence to create something by myself. I've earlier mentioned about new projects to come and now it is time to reveal a bit more about those projects. Pitti Uomo 89 - ties for the week

DressLikeA got started as inspirational board for myself. Since 2011 a lot has happened and DLA has grown to be a lot more for me than just a blog or an inspirational board. I'm grateful that the blog has become a source of inspiration for not only to myself but for quality-conscious men around the world who are interested in menswear, style and being well-dressed. And for quite a while I've been thinking about the next step. How could I make my passion for menswear and quality clothing more concrete.

People and passion. Those two things also are the answer for that next step. Last summer I sat down with a few friends sharing the passion. Shortly we discussed about taking DLA to a new level. I knew that without the right people on my side that would never happen.

But already last fall the process for first DLA-labeled garments to be produced was started.

I've always said that it's essential to be able to dress oneself according the situation and environment. And to do that with simplicity, adaptability and personality. Those are the corner stones of DLA-style. I personally try to keep my way of dressing always appropriate for the occasion. For example packing and dressing up for Pitti Uomo and dressing up for a business meeting are two totally different things. On the hand dressing oneself need to be fun and inspiring, not something inflexible or something yrou are "forced to do". You need to acknowledge certain rules and etiquette that are not meant to be broken, but, on the other hand, after you've learned to deal with the rules you can also learn how to break them in a right way. And that is what the upcoming DLA-garments and accessories will also be about. Simple and versatile but still chic. So stay tuned.

Pitti Uomo 89 - Traveling essentials

Packing for Pitti Uomo 89

Back to Pitti Uomo 89. Next week we will be in - hopefully sunny - Florence. To give a little sneak peek of what's coming up we decided to make a little video that sums up the feelings of last weekend before traveling. For me it is always hard to decide what to take with me when traveling. Usually I pack too much and too many pieces. This time I will try to keep my set rather compact though. But when the aim of the trip is to visit a fair full of "Pitti peacocks", well-dressed menswear-aficionados and of course multiple photographers and bloggers - it inevitably takes a minute or two to come up with the final set-up.

As usual I will try to come up with regular updates from the fair as well here as on other channels such as instagram - @dresslikea and facebook. In addition I definitely recommend to follow my better half @mhsandberg - especially in case you want to get a "women perspective" from the fair.

And finally you can keep an eye on #tyylitmaailmalla - a site that brings together pics and content from our trip - conducted in collaboration with the guys at Vaatturiliike Sauma and the blog Ohituskaistalla. The same hashtag also works on instagram. This time the main feed will be shown here at DressLikeA. My home

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