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Pitti Uomo 90 - preview

Pitti Uomo 90 starts tomorrow. That means four days full of high quality men's clothing, #menswear-trends, friends, good food and drinks. Five months have again gone by fast. Though it still feels that I have been too long away from that beautiful city. In January I wrote in more details about my thoughts regarding Pitti Uomo. There I also wrote about the new chapter of DLA. Those thoughts are still very much valid. If you haven't yet read it, do it now and check my write-up about people and passion. id="attachment_9627" Pitti Uomo 90 preview - Cotton suit with denim shirt Last June. Wearing camel colored cotton suit and denim. Pic by Neil Watson for A&H Magazine. As usual I will try to come up with regular updates from Pitti Uomo 90 on channels such as instagram €“ @dresslikea, @tyylitfi and facebook. In addition this time I will try to report via snapchat. In January my partner and friend Mika (@ohituskaistalla) did that, but this time he can't make to Florence. So I will try. Even though I still have not really internalized how that works. But if you want real-time updates, be sure to follow @dresslikea also on snapchat.

Warm up for Pitti Uomo 90 - summary from January

Before the fair starts again it is good to take a look back. I have gathered here a summary of what was seen in Florence in January. There are also couple of new videos we made, showing the outfits I wore for the days one and two at Pitti 89. And as you waiting for those street style photos showing the best outfits and most outrageous peacocks, you can entertain yourself by taking a throwback to the best of Pitti Uomo 89. Day 1 Days 2 and 3 How to tie your tie - Florence edition And if you have anything in mind that you would like me to check out in Florence, shoot me a message. Or if you happen to be in town, let me know.

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