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Ready for the year 2013

First, looking back year 2012 I can only be thankful and note it being a great one for both me personally and for the blog. DressLikeA got a lot new followers and readers (thanks to each and every one of you), I met great amount of skillful & inspiring people and at the same time I learned much about the industry. I also feel that my own style improved on the way…

As most of you probably have noticed, the blog got a little “face lift” in the end of the year. The most visible change in addition the little change in color scheme was basically the change in the form of “photo-collages” that haven’t gone anywhere, but in the future you’ll just need to click the first photo of the post to see the rest of the set.

Another change (and the one that I personally like a lot) is that from now on you’ll find my instagram-feed from the bottom of the page as also the links to other sites where you can follow DressLikeA in case you want to do so. There will hopefully still come some minor changes in the following months in the appearance of the blog and of course you’ll be informed as they happen.

Secondly, when looking forward I’m hopeful and confident that great things will continue to happen. As said there will be progress regarding the blog, but I also have a handful of interesting projects and possible collaborations that I’m working on at the moment besides DressLikeA.

What will this year be about? Even though DressLikeA is still going to be mainly about photos, photo sets and outfit-collages that I personally find inspiring (hopefully you as well) and my own WAYW-outfits (hope I have time to do a bit more of these), this year I’ll also try to concentrate a bit more to written content.

I’ll try to continue to introduce the menswear scene (which is not that big but all time growing) and stores in Helsinki (of course other parts of Finland as well) but I will also start a series that introduces people working in and being a part of the clothing industry in different parts of the world. This series will get start by an interview with Mr. Federico Ceschi a Santa Croce the owner and running man of tailoring atelier NH Sartoria in Milan.

If You have any ideas, wishes or comments regarding the blog, please don’t hesitate to contact and let me know through the blog or by email

Wishing you all the most prospers year 2013!



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